Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blue Lake Triathlon 2008

Mom and Dad won't lose these boys in their bright yellow/green tribabe tees!

Sunday we were up at 3:45 am to drive up past Portland for the Blue Lake olympic distance triathlon. I set up the tribabe booth and Bill raced as per our typical situation this summer. I might get another race in but not anytime soon. Anyway, Bill did not have such a great showing at Blue Lake. It could have something to do with racing Alcatraz last weekend, or something to do with the fact that he spent ALL DAY (from 6:45am - 10:30pm) the day before playing in a disc golf tournament.

After the race he said his back and calves were tight. I wonder why??? Do we feel sorry for him? I kind of do because approx. 1/2 hour before his heat started he had to get in the car and go to the store for me. He made it back in time but as he hastily put on his wetsuit he ripped the seam in one of the sleeves. Yikes! He needs a new trisuit and wetsuit now. Maybe we can find him one at Hobos-R-Us, his favorite place to dine! (inside joke about Bill bringing leftovers everywhere and eating hobo lunches wherever we go)

Get ready for the Alcatraz blog war... I hope! He told me he doesn't know what a blog war is or why he is in one. I think I'm in his head so the battle is partially won before it even started!

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