Monday, June 09, 2008

2008 OSU Faculty/Staff Swim meet

I found the ice bath to be a little too "refreshing" after the swim meet.

Before I write a post on the great time we had at Alcatraz this weekend, I wanted to post about our end of the term swim meet on Friday. I recruited Sunny (the new female pro who just moved to town) to our class and coach very kindly put her on the opposing team, who went on to trounce us. No more recruiting for me! The meet this year was very doable, in the past coach has had us doing 200 fly and 400 IM but this year we had relays only so we never had to swim more than 50 of any stroke. Thank goodness! One of our swimmers is getting ready to swim 200 fly in the Olympic trials, she isn't expecting to qualify for the team but wants to have the experience, so she has been training twice a day for the past several months. She would be the only tan one in the photos. Apparently you can get tan in Oregon, shocking news for the rest of us!

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