Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pacific Crest 1/2 Ironman triathlon 2008

We're home early from our weekend, our post-race hike was cut short due to piles of snow still on the trail. Here's our weekend from the beginning:

Bill, Marshall, and I picked up Sunny at work Friday afternoon and drove to Sun River just south of Bend, Or for packet pickup. After the pre-race dinner we drove the bike course and arrived at Wickiup Reservoir around 9pm and set up camp. Sunny disclosed that she forgot her bike bag which contains supplies for fixing flats so Bill rigged up some of his extra gear for her using a Ziploc bag and some electrical tape since she was racing for money and shouldn't plan to sit by the side of the road with a flat should it occur.

Saturday morning we woke up around 6:30 am and Bill and Sunny walked their gear to the transition area which was right next to the campsite. Bill and Sunny were in the elite wave which left at 9am. Bill came out of the water in 4th at ~28:14. Sunny came out a few minutes later in 3rd (females). Apparently Sunny passed Bill shortly after and he started struggling with pain in his rear near where his butt meets the saddle. He couldn't even soft pedal down hill, he said he heard Phil Ligget's voice (of the Tour de France) saying, "He's dragging his carcass up the mountain."

Bill had to stop and stretch before the final climb up Mt Bachelor and decided that he wouldn't do the run if the pain persisted. In T2, he drank some chicken broth and decided to head out and see how his legs felt. After two 7:30 miles he decided to keep on moving, the pain was cycling specific.

Meanwhile, Sunny was battling with two other female pros but was leading on the run. I saw her at mile 8 and she looked like she was running in slow motion but she got some Red Bull at the next aid station and pushed on to the finish, winning by less than 1 minute. She says she had a bad race but she kicked butt even on a bad day. A fine payday for her!

Bill finished the race in around 5:11, not fast race for him at all, but he says he is proud of himself for finishing because he had some demons on the run that were telling him to walk. After the race, we attended the awards ceremony to cheer for Sunny and said goodbye to her and left for camping.

We camped at Hosmer Lake, a small lake that is a spot for fly fishing. Bill and Marshall got in the lake for a cool down swim and we set up camp and went to bed around 8:30 pm. Around 11:30 that night a terrible thunder and lightening storm started. We were camping around 4700 feet just southwest of Mt Bachelor and it was something to behold! I was holding on to the dog to calm my nerves. At one point Bill got up to put on the rain flap and while he was outside peeing the loudest thunder clap KA-POW cracked somewhere near us, luckily his pants were already down because it scared both of us good!

The next morning we packed up camp and drove to "Green Lakes" trail head and were surprised to see the lot empty, it's supposed to be one of the most popular hikes in Oregon. We set out for an 8 mile hike and realized in a hurry why there were only a few brave souls there: the trail was covered with snow. I was wearing a running outfit because it was 85 degrees at 10am and I forgot hiking stuff anyway, but there was no way we were going to make it. Hiking over!

We drove to nearby Devil's Lake and Bill and the dog went for a little dip before driving home. There is just too much snow up in the mountains here for hiking. Bummer! More photos in my smugmug gallery.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Shock Treatment

Getting ready to head out for Sunriver, Oregon and Pacific Crest triathlon. The race is Saturday morning and we're planning to hike on Sunday somewhere near Bend. It's going to be a great weekend! We've talked our new friend Sunny into coming with us so the poor girl will have to deal with our road trip nonsense, hopefully, we'll still be friends when it is over with.

You can check for race results (see results at the top of their page) late Saturday. Sunny should take a top spot (this race pays $$$) so look for her name at the top of the women's results. She will have some competition this time with another pro racing and last year's race winner (another Corvallis woman) racing. The forecast for Saturday is in the 90s so the racers will swim in a freezing cold lake, bike up to Mt Bachelor where the roads are still lined with snow, and then descend into Sun River where it will be scorching hot. My friend Sarah said, "Their bodies are going to be in shock the whole time, " and I agree with her. I'm sure Bill will absolutely love it and I will enjoy taking photos and cheering!

Check back late Sunday for photos are reports. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The REAL Geniuses

We're taking the dog with us this weekend to Bend since we're going for a hike the day after the Pacific Crest 1/2 Ironman triathlon. This means I will have the dog in tow for 5+ hours while Bill races around which is great, my dog is my friend, but the dog also loves sporty people and would love to race with the triathletes-- he swears he can keep up with you!

I'm taking a mountain bike so I can ride part of the 13.1 mile run course and check in on Bill and our other friends that are racing which means riding a bike, with a dog in tow, while sporty people are running. A recipe for disaster I'm sure so I took the dog out to practice last night. I got the longest leash I could find and we started out slowly and sure enough, that genius of a dog ran along side the bike at the pace I was riding and just kept looking up at me like, "See! I told you I can go biking with you! No need to leave me at home!!!" Wish me luck friends!

Photo of the cat and dog in bed together last night, no wonder I can't get pregnant. Just joking! We actually let the baby cat sleep on the bed since she refuses to sleep in cat beds, and I've bought several of them for her, but this makes the dog jealous so he jumped into her spot and she tried to drive him out by cuddling him (the humiliation). After we turned the light out, the dog sprawled out and took up all the space so the cat started making noises until we turned the light on and made the dog get down. Our cat is smarter than the dog. Brilliant!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shut up stupid mind

I was tired when I got home from work last night and I had a list of things to do but all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and play the latest "The Bachelorette" episode I had on DVR (who will DeAnna choose???). I was compiling a list of excuses for not going for a run and was coming up with quite a case for myself, meanwhile I put on a running outfit and running shoes and sat down for a minute. Just putting the clothing on and getting used to how it feels so I'll feel stupid if I don't go run. Sometimes, the only way is to trick yourself into doing something.

I do the same thing with swimming, my mind can be yelling, "You're too tired to swim! Don't you feel your stomach grumbling? You need food, you can't swim. Besides, your hair looks good, you'll mess it up if you go swim!" My mind is SO TRICKY but I have to outsmart it so I walk like a zombie to the pool, put on my suit, jump in and start swimming. If I still hate it then I cut it short and get on with the day but I can't know if it's a good day to swim if I don't go try it.

This is why I'm so tired all the time, I'm wrestling with my mind to get stuff done. Stupid willful mind!

Hey, I think the shin splints are gone. I didn't run for several weeks and they appear to be all gone so I'm just taking it slow and stretching a lot of hopefully they will not return.

Last night while I was running I saw a little girl (about 8 years old) hauling butt toward me on her little bike. She looked up at the last second and said, "Oh sorry" but I was smiling at her and thinking how cool she was. Ride that bike girlfriend, it feels good to go fast!

Thanks to kind friends who bought sun visors from me yesterday you sweethearts!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Silent Night

What's up blog readers? I have been busy trying to learn the guitar and progress is painfully slow but I can almost play "Silent Night" which has 3 chords in it! Oh yeah I'm a rock star. I bet my husband wishes it was a silent night the way I play. I'm going to try to teach him some chords on occasion but if he picks it up faster than me then we'll be done with the music lessons. :)

Another exciting thing today, I added Headsweats SuperVisors to my web store. I have 6 colors of these sun visors available so if you want one, let me know! They were not cheap to buy in bulk so I'm hoping they sell fast so I can put that invoice out of my mind. I know people will buy them at events but I don't have another race for a few weeks so I'm trying not to sweat it. Maybe I should wear a visor that said "these flipping things aren't cheap!" since that is what I'll be thinking about when I wear mine. :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

If she knew what she wants

Saturday morning Bill was out biking a 56 mile time trial so I drove myself downtown for some coffee with the thought in my mind that I would stop by the guitar store. I was listening to "Car Talk" on NPR and they played a snip of this song from the Bangles:

If she knew what she wants (He'd be giving it to her)
If she knew what she needs (He could give her that too)
If she knew what she wants (But he can't see through her)
If she knew what she wants
He'd be giving it to her

I LOVE THAT SONG and I had a revelation: I wanted a guitar! I started lessons last year and had borrowed a guitar from a friend but I had to give it back and that was the end of the guitar playing. So with iced latte in hand, I made my way over to the "Fingerboard Extension" and bought an entry level ladies sized guitar with stand an an "Intro to Guitar" CD.

If she knew what she wants!

When Bill got home all sweaty and tired he didn't have the energy to argue about me spending money, besides, it only cost $140 and that is a major bargain compared to our other hobbies. I know 4 chords now and can sing along while I play "Skip to My Lou". I'll be taking requests for "Freebird" soon.

After Bill's ride he had to run so I hopped on my bike and rode with him, giving him water when he needed it. He hasn't been running long at all so I'm a little worried about him doing a 1/2 Ironman next weekend. I made him an ice bath and left him alone for a while so I could practice guitar.

We had friends over last night to play cards, I made Izze with rum and got real tipsy--oops! Izze is a sparkling juice drink that I'm all into right now, I love that stuff. We were listening to classic rock on the radio which puts me in the mood for fun. We stayed up late to watch the movie "Semi Pro" which wasn't nearly as funny as we thought it would be.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Go to your safe space now

I went out for drinks last night to help our friend Sunny celebrate receiving a fellowship for her research. We were set to meet after work at little hot spot downtown but when I walked in the place was empty except for a table full of women with their newborn babies. Apparently it was a "mommie and me" get together. I felt like I was having a "Sex and the City" moment because I was sitting at the bar by myself trying not to look at the mommies while I slammed a tropical martini. Ahhhh, the life and times of a fertility challenged woman.

Went to the Dr. today and they don't know what is wrong with me. There is not a cyst on my ovary (good news) but I still have mild cramps and some pain on the right side of my abdomen. She told me to take Ibuprofen for the pain and meds for acid reflux and get on with it. OK then. I love my Dr because she is a tough little thing but jeez, I think I need a hug again after being sick that long and getting no news about it.

The Dr. also decided that we shouldn't wait any longer on the pregnancy front and she put me back on the fertility drug Clomid. I will take it every other month for the next six months and if I'm not pregnant in two months then they will do an insemination. If I'm not pregnant in 6 months then I will be referred to a fertility specialist which will mean $$$. Dudes, Clomid makes me crazy so WATCH OUT NOW! I will be overproducing hormones over the next 30 days so don't tell me you were not warned because I will probably get a little crazy. Go to your safe space now friends.

We decided to stay home this weekend rather than take off for camping because the price of gas. We'll do some camping after the race next weekend. Apparently the highway that was snowed in is open again so the race will go on as planned on the original course which is a tough ride up to Mt. Bachelor. Have a great weekend, I will blog whatever we end up doing.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


We had dinner at the Grizwald's house last night, they live out in the boonies beyond town in a house that old Griz built with his own two hands. Ma Griz works like a fiend outside and they have the most amazing property two people can build together. Griz is Bill's mentor and good friend and also the person who married us in our back yard so we stay in touch and enjoy dinner together on occasion.

We wanted to see how Griz was doing since he decided not to race the Ironman next weekend. He decided that he wasn't fit enough after having a lot of physical troubles and he will only race if he thinks he can qualify for Kona. His neurosurgeon recently told him that if he keeps up Ironman racing then he will cripple himself. You can imagine how his wife feels.

Griz likes to play guitar so he brought it out after dinner and played some music he is working on and played the old Fleetwood Mac song, "Landslide", here is a part of the song that you might know:
Well, Ive been afraid of changing
cause Ive built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Children get older
I'm getting older too
Griz is in this condition because he was hit by a car while biking the Ironman in Florida and he was telling me that while he was in the hospital after the accident a nurse would sing to him and he remembers her singing "Landslide". Thank goodness for wonderful people who go into nursing and make a different for people when they are at their most vulnerable.

Griz is bumming out but he has a beautiful life, and wife, and other hobbies to get up to in the morning. But he doesn't have Ironman.

On our drive home we stopped and watched the full moon rise. It was so peaceful and quiet sitting next to a field in the middle of nowhere watching the moon glow brightly.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Bill had a meeting last night with the Corvallis Waste Reduction Committee (more on that later) so I was home alone and BORED so I put on a swimsuit and walked over to our community pool for an easy swim. The pool is about 20 yards long and typically full of peeing kids so I tend to stay away but it was cool enough outside at 65 that there were only a few brave little ones chilling in the pool.

I've been taking it easy physically since I haven't felt well and Bill has been watching me like a hawk but I snuck in some aqua jogging, swam some laps and then cooled down. I was only there for about 1/2 hour and it felt GREAT!!! One problem though, I didn't have my house key so I had to call Bill's cell and ask that he come home and let my dripping wet self in house. Busted and cannot be trusted.

A Dr. called me today and said my ultrasound looked normal. Well that's lovely, can she tell me why I have had cramps for 2 weeks and mild pain shooting from my abdomen into my right leg? No, she cannot say why so I go back to the Dr. on Friday. I'll go back to being mildly nauseated and in pain for the rest of the week. BTW, I am NOT pregnant and yes I am sure.

Back to that waste committee (I think that's what I need for my stomach) several months ago the City of Corvallis hosted city meeting for sustainability and over 400 people showed up. From that, several smaller committees were formed and Bill has been facilitating the waste reduction group. I think it is amazing that a volunteer meeting in a town this size generated interest from 400 people. I'll let you know if anything exciting comes from it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why adults should NOT play dodge ball

Last night we met up with the south town homies for a BBQ at the park. One of the guys brought a Nerf football so the boys (actually all men long past their 30th bday) started up a quick game after dinner. The big joke that evening was about how they all were still injured from the brief stint the group did in a local dodge ball league.

I remember a similar evening last year when someone pulled out the sign up sheet for dodge ball, they were a few people short of the team and everyone was asking if I was going to sign up and my answer was, "HELL NO!"

I think I actually smirked at them because I knew what was going to happen and I was right! (See husband's notes from Alcatraz about me be right all the time if you are confused). Bill signed up with the rest of them and sure enough within a few games his ankle was bothering him and he had to quit. Everyone else on the team had the same story, knee pain flared up, shoulders were blown, backs gave out, I think the local physical therapists started this league to drum up business. Every single person got hurt and they all regretted the day they signed up for that league.

I'm not going to say I told you so but...!?!

Anyway, we're kind of busy this week but we don't have any triathlons this weekend so we might get over to the Bend, OR area for camping. Bill would like to ride on the Pacific Crest triathlon bike course over that way but we're hearing that the roads are still blocked with snow so we're not sure about it. I'm not sure what is going to happen with the triathlon since the water is still receiving snow melt and the road is closed and the triathlon is in just over 1.5 weeks. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon 2008

I am recruiting Bill to help me write his race report since he doesn't write them anymore and this race is too cool not to document, so here goes our dueling RR.

Mt. Shasta from I-5

Erika: Just as predicted, Bill was not ready for the 9 hour drive from Corvallis, OR to San Fransisco, CA. When I got home from work early on Friday, his triathlon gear was spread from the entryway of the house into the living room, his suitcase was empty, and he was looking for a gigantic safety pin to fix his wetsuit. (Bill: Because I don't remember this precisely, I can't argue this except for I do know that the suitcase wasn't empty. I had thrown a few items in it.) I think we got out of the house within an hour which was a small miracle.

Bill looking forward to the finisher's chute on Sunday

Erika: We drove 4 hours to Yreka and stayed in a not too tragic motel for the night. (Bill: Not too tragic, the hotel was just fine. I did it Erika's way once driving thru Nevada and we stayed at a pricier hotel. Only, it wasn't that nice; especially when you are paying $30-$40 more and all you are doing is watching a little tv and going to sleep.) We were slightly delayed getting out of the room the next day because the movie "Clueless" was on TV and I love that dang movie. I drove most of the remaining 5 hours to San Francisco so Bill could do some work on his laptop. I called my friend Cathy who lives in SF as we got near and she gave us parking instructions for getting to the race site so Bill could pick up his packet and go to the pre-race talk.

We kind of crashed a wedding to get a photo of this fancy place.

After the pre-race talk we drove the bike course and the 9 hours we had already spent in the car together caught up with us. Bill didn't listen when I said to turn right and he ended up on the on ramp to the Golden Gate bridge. He started yelling that I needed to speak up, that was about the end of my patience with the situation, but somehow we ended up having a good time driving the course. (Bill: The problem with our relationship is that I know everything, and Erika is never wrong. It all worked out in the end, which it always does.) We stopped for some great photos along the bike course and I left my heart in San Francisco. What a beautiful and amazing place (on a sunny day). Loved it!

Super cool glass sculpture

Erika: We met up with some women from my annual triathlon camp and some slowtwitchers for dinner at Mona Lisa's and had the best dang Italian food I've had in years. I spent most of the dinner lamenting the poor dining options we have in Corvallis and marveling at city life. (Bill: This is where I must note the inconsistencies in my wife's comments. I'm pretty sure my wife has blogged about how downtown Corvallis has really improved in terms of variety of restaurants. She has also told me how she is not a huge fan of 'the city life'. You can't have it both ways babe.) Afterwards we went back to Cathy's place, she lives in one of those adorable narrow San Francisco style places you see in photos. That night we grabbed some ice cream at historic "Swenson's Ice Cream" shop and then Bill packed his bags for the race the next day.

Future escapees!

Erika: I slept in until 6:30 am, Bill's early wake up didn't affect me at all! (Bill: That's for sure, it never does because she can sleep thru just about anything, including cat's meowing and causing trouble. As for pre-race, this part was really cool in that I was able to bike from Cathy's place downhill for 2 miles to the transition area. It was dark outside, I saw several other racers biking to the transition area, and there were literally no cars on the roads. I know it was 5:15am, but it was still strange to see zero cars in such a major city.) It was a beautiful, sunny morning, so Cathy and I went to eat bagels at an outdoor cafe before heading down to the race site. There were a million and one people there but we were able to line up, front row, outside of T1 and I was able to snap some decent photos.
Lovely San Francisco

Bill seemed to come out of the water in a decent time, he was way ahead of the large crowds and he had a really competitive look on his face as he ran out to get get his bike. (Bill: The swim was the main reason I wanted to compete in this triathlon. One of my favorite movies is 'Escape from Alcatraz with Clint Eastwood (1979?) so I have always wanted to see Alcatraz Island up close. Getting back to the race itself, all 1800 racers were loaded on a large boat like cattle. This was fine because I found a spot that gave me a little extra space to stretch and relax. All was going well, until 5 minutes before we were supposed to jump into the 56 degree water, the zipper on my wetsuit broke apart. I had to quickly take my wetsuit off, repair the zipper, and get it back on in less than 2 minutes. For those of you that have put a wetsuit on before can appreciate how hard this is. Needless to say, this increased my stress level quite a bit as the thought of swimming across the Bay without a wetsuit was not terribly appealing. The swim itself had great views of Alcatraz Island and I even paused a few minutes into the swim to look back at the Island and imagine that I was prisoner escaping from the prison. The water itself was cold but tolerable and a little choppy at times, but overall it was very enjoyable. Navigating was relatively easy, but knowing when to get close to shore was a little tricky due to strong currents. I slightly overshot the swim exit and had to back track a bit, but all in all I was happy with my swim.) Cathy and I waited for Katy to finish (she swam without a wetsuit).

Bill taking his wetsuit off

Erika: Cathy and I found a hot corner where we could watch bikers coming in and runners going out so we planted there until I saw Bill go by on the run. He smiled nicely at me and passed a dude with a strong pace going so it looked like he was having a great day. (Bill: I won't go into as much detail as I did the swim, but I'll just say that the bike is very hilly/technical, it has great views (Golden Gate Bridge, City of San Francisco, etc.), and has really rough surfaces in certain spots. As for the race, I tried to pace myself on the bike and not go too hard. I wanted to leave something for the run and the infamous 'sand steps/ladder'. I did okay given my fitness level and lack of consistent training. As for the run, I felt good for most of the run and didn't get tired until the last few miles. Again, the run has great views and runs directly under the Golden Gate Bridge. All in all, the race is well organized, has great volunteers, and is highly enjoyable and I plan on competing in this race again sometime in the future.)

It's a race!

Erika: The only bathrooms were back in the transition area so we had to sneak into the Sports Basement (so awesome--I wanted to shop!) to use their facilities and before we knew it I had to head back to the finish line to cheer for Bill. I got these photos of him coming in, I think he lost his competitive fire by then (Bill: her comments would be correct, but my goal was to enjoy this race and not get sick so I could finish in 58th or 59th place, as opposed to 60th place) as you can see from this progression of photos...

Click to zoom in on the competition

And he's done!

Erika: I was amazed at how competitive Bill finished given that he (still) isn't training that much. (Bill: Yeah, that's right!) He didn't train all week leading into the race (except our Friday swim meet) and this course looked so brutally hard (dude I'm not joking--don't do this race if you aren't ready for hills, hills, hills, and more hills). So I'm proud of him for being so freakishly tough. I corralled Bill back into the car as quickly as possible after the race and we were on the road again by noon to head back all nine hours to Corvallis. We got along fine the whole way home which I think is a product of survival or the race took the fight out of Bill. Sweet! (Bill: Although I was tired from the race, if I wanted to argue/fight with my wife I still could have. However, another option is that we just got along and had fun on the way home. Sweetie, this is possible you know.)

Can you escape from Alcatraz?

Erika: My overall impression is that this race is AWESOME, a MUST-DO, and worth the trip for sure. I would like to race it someday, but I will be prepared to get my butt kicked and for a very tough day. Loved San Francisco and had an excellent time. Thanks to our lovely friend Cathy for putting us up and putting up with us. Cheers! More photos in my smugmug gallery.

Cathy and Erika at the finish

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blue Lake Triathlon 2008

Mom and Dad won't lose these boys in their bright yellow/green tribabe tees!

Sunday we were up at 3:45 am to drive up past Portland for the Blue Lake olympic distance triathlon. I set up the tribabe booth and Bill raced as per our typical situation this summer. I might get another race in but not anytime soon. Anyway, Bill did not have such a great showing at Blue Lake. It could have something to do with racing Alcatraz last weekend, or something to do with the fact that he spent ALL DAY (from 6:45am - 10:30pm) the day before playing in a disc golf tournament.

After the race he said his back and calves were tight. I wonder why??? Do we feel sorry for him? I kind of do because approx. 1/2 hour before his heat started he had to get in the car and go to the store for me. He made it back in time but as he hastily put on his wetsuit he ripped the seam in one of the sleeves. Yikes! He needs a new trisuit and wetsuit now. Maybe we can find him one at Hobos-R-Us, his favorite place to dine! (inside joke about Bill bringing leftovers everywhere and eating hobo lunches wherever we go)

Get ready for the Alcatraz blog war... I hope! He told me he doesn't know what a blog war is or why he is in one. I think I'm in his head so the battle is partially won before it even started!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

When the Cat is Away

Photo of what I eat while Bill is out of town... he calls it bachelor food (ha! I'd like to see what he eats when I'm gone) but I call it lunch and dinner. I start out making myself a snack, some tomatoes and cheese with bread, and it turns into a meal that usually looks like this. It's 9 am and I'm ready to go make some now!

Photo of "deck furniture" we bought at Ikea (the black stuff with the wild print) that's actually indoor furniture. We have a covered deck so it should be safe outside in the summer. The fabric on the cushions is an outdoor type and weight so I think it will work out. We also bought cheap Ikea curtains and blinds at Kmart to block out the sun in the summer so it's getting pretty nice on the deck, like another room in the house that we desperately need!

Well I have no new info on my health status, the technician doing the ultrasound couldn't tell me anything so I have to wait until the radiologist looks at it and confers with my Dr. By then, I'm sure I'll be healthy again. In the meantime, I'm taking it easy which is kind of painful since the weather is outstanding and I would love to get out on a bike or the trails.

Cassie helping me write today's blog out on the deck. No Alcatraz blog war yet, I can see now that it may be only me that holds up that end of the deal. Weak! I'll see if I can get him to do it tomorrow, he's at a disc golf tournament today and won't be home until later. Tomorrow is Blue Lake triathlon in the morning but we'll be back in the afternoon. Presently, I sitting on my deck typing, I love wireless internet and laptops!

Some beast photos for you, I gave Marshall a dental bone which he promptly dropped on the ground and walked away. Cassie decided she would give it a try, I saw her walking around with it so I ran and grabbed the camera.

By then Marshall decided he wanted his treat back and stormed over to claim his "prize" back...

He ended up growling at her which he has never done before! She didn't seem phased but I was worried, she walks right up to his food dish and eats dinner with him and he has never batted an eye before then. I think she just likes messing with him, I wouldn't know what that's like...

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've been bragging around lately that I didn't get sick all winter long so it makes perfect sense to me that as we get closer to summer I would get SICK AS HECK. I went to the Dr. today and they think two things are going on with me: 1. I got a virus that caused the upset stomach and 2. ovarian cyst. Tomorrow I go back for an ultrasound to confirm the situation with the cyst. I will be fine but I would rather be outside right now working in my yard out in the sun, instead, I'm laying on the couch watching cage fighting and whining on my blog.

If it's a cyst, I need to be careful, a cyst is uncomfortable but a ruptured cyst is bad news. I had one the size of a golf ball rupture about 10 years ago and ended up in emergency surgery and almost lost one of my ovaries, so I am pretty watchful about the situation. Bill has been out of town the past 2 days so I've been all pathetic by myself but he'll be home tonight. I finally broke down and called my mom and my friend Sarah. I try to be grown up but I still need my mommy and friends once in a while.

I feel like junk friends. Can I have a hug?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have a long blog written up with many photos about Escape from Alcatraz and San Francisco but I wrote it as one side of a blog war with Bill. He still needs to write his side of our trip and he won't be able to do it until Friday. WEAK!!! He has never written on my blog before but he likes to comment on it to me so I invited him to a war of words and he accepted. I guess we will all have to wait. Welcome to my world.

I have been sick for over a week with acid reflux and amazing gas pains in my stomach. I thought it would go away over the weekend or when we got back and ate good food again but no, it persists. I told my swim coach about it today and he recommended I drink Yogi Ginger tea, he even told me where to get it and and the brand. It's organic. You may recall he's 75. I decided to listen and I'm sipping it now. It feels like my stomach isn't digesting food properly, I really hope this isn't the start of some drama. I'm giving it a few more days before I go see the Dr. but the constant dull cramping and alien in my stomach is kind of freaking me out. Hey, I waited a week to complain about it.

This weekend we will be at Blue Lake triathlon up in Portland. It's the first big race of the season and the locals come out and go hard against each other. Bill is of course racing and no, he still isn't training consistently so we'll see what performance he can pull out of his... hat. I will be a happy vendor so we'll be getting up seriously early on Sunday. Think good thoughts for my stomach and let's hope Bill gets his blog writing on soon.

Monday, June 09, 2008

2008 OSU Faculty/Staff Swim meet

I found the ice bath to be a little too "refreshing" after the swim meet.

Before I write a post on the great time we had at Alcatraz this weekend, I wanted to post about our end of the term swim meet on Friday. I recruited Sunny (the new female pro who just moved to town) to our class and coach very kindly put her on the opposing team, who went on to trounce us. No more recruiting for me! The meet this year was very doable, in the past coach has had us doing 200 fly and 400 IM but this year we had relays only so we never had to swim more than 50 of any stroke. Thank goodness! One of our swimmers is getting ready to swim 200 fly in the Olympic trials, she isn't expecting to qualify for the team but wants to have the experience, so she has been training twice a day for the past several months. She would be the only tan one in the photos. Apparently you can get tan in Oregon, shocking news for the rest of us!

Friday, June 06, 2008

We're Out of Here

I'm heading home from work right now to go yell at my husband. He has a severe case of disorganization with a side case of "I know I forgot something" AND, before I forget, one of the worst cases of procrastination I've ever seen so getting out of town with him is typically a nightmare. I always get off from work early so we can get out of town at a reasonable time but the time always gets burned with him doing last minute things like organizing his mail while I wait in the car. I'm not even joking, I have no idea what he does but it takes FOREVER!!!!!

Anyway, we're renting a small car from Enterprise to drive down to SF since it's a 9 hour drive from here and the Jeep gets terrible gas mileage and my little Ford Focus needs a tune up. We can get a car for ~$50 for the weekend including taxes so it seemed worth it to keep the wear and tear off our cars.

I will have photos from Escape from Alcatraz on Monday or maybe some sooner if we bring a laptop. Wish Bill luck swimming in the SF Bay!!!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm Baaaccck!

But I'm leaving again tomorrow for San Francisco! Some photos from the final days in project management class, as you can see things got quite silly. We took a "new product" project and came up with the company name "Bad Moose Rising" and our new product was "Moose Juice Energy Drink". Silliness. I stayed up in Salem Tuesday night and had a nice dinner with the team but DUDE I'm tired and I have a long weekend ahead of me.

I have two tests left to take and then I will be a certified project manager so let's hope I can pass the tests, otherwise, that was a heck of a lot of work!

Before you feel sorry for me, I know you are, I feel so pitiful :), we have a swimming meet tomorrow and then we're starting the drive down to SF. Bill has been out of town in Denver all week and it's 9:30 pm Thursday night and he's still not home from the airport. He'll have 15 hours at home and then he's off to do a triathlon. Dude. If we take a laptop, I'll blog from SF. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tough People

We've got a busy schedule planned for the next 7 days so the blog might be sketchy for the next week or so. We are leaving for San Francisco on Friday and I'm up in Salem for project management training until Thursday. We tried to get some stuff done around the house this weekend and accompished the minimim: yard work, vacuum house, and clean the kitchen. I had to make t-shirts this afternoon and run errands AND watch a bunch of MMA fights.

Two good cage fight shows were on this weekend so I'm learning all about Mixed Martial Arts. Gina Carano (photo above) also known as "Crush" on American Gladiators is an absolute stud, she won her fight on Saturday. I think MMA is going to explode in popularity and she is getting the most attention of all the female athletes. She deserves it, she's beautiful (thus the attention) and the real deal. The chick is seriously tough, I wouldn't look her in the eye for fear of a knee to the head.

I like watching MMA because it's multisport and requires not just physical but incredible mental strength and skill. I'm not a fan of blood, but watching this is like nothing else I've seen. Maybe it's fantasy for me, I cry if I get a papercut, so watching athletes getting kicked and hit violently but then instantly responding with a series of blows just riles me up. I'm impressed by the dedication of the athletes and the respect many of them display toward each other.

Here is a video of the best fighter I've seen so far (in my whole one month as a fan). Jeff Curran vs. Uriah Faber, check it out:

Bill biked 80 miles today with his buddy Even (aka Old Griz). Long time blog readers might recall Griz's story, he was hit by a car at IM Florida and has terrible injuries from it. Despite that, he qualified for Kona a few years later and trains through a lot of pain and health problems. He's signed up for IM CDA and trying to decide if he will race it. He's not supposed to run much except for when he races so he will only do IM CDA if he thinks he can qualify for Kona. Bill wanted to ride with today to support him, we'll let you know if he races. Here's his story: