Friday, May 30, 2008

Tonight is the Night

I'm heading north to Salem this afternoon for the "Sex and the City" movie premier! Our group expanded to 9 women so we ditched the hotel idea and opted for Salem instead of Portland but we have reservations at a nice restaurant and I'm planning to have photos of our toast of Cosmopolitans for you on Saturday.

Other excitement building, next week I'm up in Salem for the final leg of project management training. Our team will be taking a project from start to finish and competing with other teams in a competition over three days. This is going on the back of the t-shirt I designed for our team:

AND we're making our plans for the drive down to San Francisco next weekend for Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. Bill is looking to turn it into a business trip too so I might be killing time in Sacramento while he tours a facility there. Any suggestions on things to do? We're staying with a friend (Katy) from Team Xantusia while we are in SF, she lives on the course so we will appreciate her so much. Must bring hostess gift!

Have a great weekend, I'll post photos tomorrow, Bill found the camera battery charger under the sink in the bathroom. DOPE! My bad, I scrambled to clean up before company came over and stuffed it down there so I can't be mad at him for losing the battery charger anymore. Since I had a dream that he was having a fling with a waitress last night I have something else to steam about ;)

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