Friday, May 09, 2008

Taking It All In

This afternoon was warm and sunny and I was stuck in my office waiting for my boss to get off the phone so I could go ask him about some papers he left on my desk the previous day. He had changed his mind about something I thought we had worked out weeks ago and I wasn't feeling so full of energy to go tackle it again with him. I decided to go take a break and get some fresh air. Luckily I brought my purse and my digital camera was inside so I was able to capture some photos of flowers in bloom.

Here's the music building I sneak into with my friend to practice old jazz tunes on our lunch break occassionally. The campus at OSU is so beautiful in the summer.

I rounded the corner from the music building and saw this display in front of the library. It was stunning to see all of the white flags in the sun. I looked for a sign and saw

Each white flag represents 5 iraqis who have died and each red flag represents 5 Americans who have died.

As I walked around to take photos, I took note of all of the international students hanging out and I felt so fortunate to be on a university campus that moment. On my way out I saw this on the sidewalk, I think it was left from a blood drive.

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