Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday in Corvallis

We started our Sunday off (church hasn't stuck with us yet) with a bike ride out on Decker road. Bill met his buddies for a 50+ mile ride, I cut it short at around 30. You can't ride out here without passing a christmas tree farm, I think Oregon supplies the world with the majority of Xmas trees. I also passed an alpaca farm, I think they replaced llamas in popular strange animals to herd category around here.

Gathering Together farm isn't open for the season yet. It's right on our favorite bike route and they serve an amazing organic buffet breakfast there in the summer. It's actually hard to get reservations and we've only gone once but I would like to do it again. You can purchase flowers for 5 cents a stem there and they are lovely.

After biking I made us up a quick lunch and we took the dog for a quick swim in the river before meeting friends for a canoeing trip on the Willamette River. Marshall dog didn't get to come because we were borrowing a raft for the float and he would spaz out anyway. The weather was perfect, in the upper 60s with an occasional wind. Bill and I had a great time, our friends had a new canoe and they towed us behind them in a raft so all we had to do was float. See if you can find me in this photo, I was trying to keep my face out of the sun. I might look miserable but I wasn't, I was chilling.

I think we were out there for a good three hours but it was such a nice float it didn't feel that long. Here's a photo of the dogs swimming along side, you might have to zoom in. I think the water was too cold for them because they were in the boat soon after this photo.

After canoeing we went to Block 15 for a pitcher of beer and some good grub. We left the house at 9am and didn't get home until 9pm. I think that makes it a great weekend! Check out little dog Napoleon in the canoe, he was so adorable!