Thursday, May 01, 2008

Strange New Torture Method

Today was day 4 of project management class which wrapped up this session. It couldn't have come a moment sooner! The topic today was: "Maximizing Project Results Through Contract Resources" which is riviting stuff. Our class is held at the State library in downtown Salem (Oregon) and is directly across the street from the Capitol building. We were warned that there was a big immigration rally scheduled today and sure enough we started hearing music from our classroom by 11am and saw crowds starting to form outside of the building. I went to lunch with my team, we've been together since the class started a few months ago, and we have had more fun than we should at this class.

After lunch we start going through an exercise on contract maintainance and we had to read a background on this contract that was four pages long and outside mexican music is blaring and people are yelling some slogan I can't understand. I said to my neighbor, "Trying to read this with all that going on outside is like torture!" I think he was still trying to read the first paragraph. We were supposed to identify problems with the contract and make suggestions for next steps. Our team was so out of it by then we were getting off topic and struggling to make progress so I said, 'What if we recommend contract termination and that they hire leprechans to take over the work?" My neighbor said, "What about Fraggles?" (see show Fraggle Rock for reference) and we all started laughing hysterically. I dared our team leader to announce that to the class when it was our turn to present and he totally manned up and said,"We believe this contract should be terminated and recommend hiring Fraggles." The entire room started laughing and the instructor looked completely perplexed. It was awesome.

I'm going to make t-shirts for our team for our next session, it's 3 days long and is the final session where we compete with others teams and take a project from start to finish. We made a list of inside jokes to put on the t-shirt, here are some highlights:

-Let's build Dave's habitat
-I-Sauce--Now with more I!
-DNF Medal
-French unicorn with a tool belt
-Why is it always raining on ME?
-Dave seems to know it all
-moose, moose, moose
-markers and stress ball bowling
-pitcher of margaritas

FUN TIMES in project management. I'll show you the shirt after we make it. Back to regular work tomorrow for one day and then it's the weekEND!