Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Story of My Life

A couple of people have asked what my next race is, and I don't have one on my calendar right now, our summer is booked pretty tight but I might slip one in if I can get over shin splints soon. I got lazy about wearing orthotics (shoe inserts) in my running shoes and I messed up my shins pretty badly running around with some extra pounds on my frame. Good news for me, I've lost about 5 pounds in the last 3 months and it feels great! I'm trying to keep some extra weight on for fertility purposes but too much weight doesn't feel good at all.

I am starting back with weight lifting and learned something disturbing, my chest muscles are incredibly underdeveloped. On the chest press machine I couldn't add any weight at all and failed before 10 reps. YIKES!

But on the seated row I could jack the weight up and do 15 reps easily.

It's pretty clear that I have an underdeveloped chest! I thought I got over that long ago :( just joking! I'm meeting Bill tonight for a weight lifting/swimming double workout so I don't plan on being able to lift my arms over my head tomorrow. Looking forward to that!


rr said...

Hey - I get shin splints often too, sorry yours are bad right now! Rotating my shoes helps me.. gorgeous camping photos, looks like heaven!

Have a great day!

NoPoGirl said...

I found your blog through an odd google combination of "maternity" and "swim suit". Go figure.

Anyway, I started reading it and I had to comment about the gaining weight thing. My doc also told me to gain 5 pounds for fertility purposes. I tried, to no avail, but it did take me a year to get pregnant. So...the extra weight is not always necessary to GET pregnant, though it probably helps in staying pregnant (I switched to 2% milk once I found out and added more fat in to my diet). Whatever you do, good luck!