Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday in Corvallis

I've taken on a mission to give you a tour of our hometown here in Corvallis, Oregon and the lifestyle we lead here as the rain goes away and summer approaches. There is no reason to leave Oregon after May, it is so beautiful here, I hope I can convey that.

We started our day off with a quick trip to the Saturday farmer's market in downtown Corvallis. There are only a few veggies ready this early in May so we got lettuce and carrots and chatted with some friends before dropping in a the local bike shop (Peak Sports) and grabbed a full zip biking jersey for me for 50% off. It will match the one we got Bill for his birthday and I guarantee he will make sure we don't both wear them at the same time.

There are so many new restaurants popping up in Corvallis, we can't keep track of them all. There's a new seafood place I hadn't even heard about called "Aqua" that's over the wine bar called "Sahalie" where I love to go for fondue. And wine!
There used to be one good restraunt in Corvallis when I moved here called "Big River" and the owners there just added a new place next to it called "101" that has upscale bar food and fancy drinks.

We left downtown and drove about 8 miles to McDonald Forest to the Lewisburg Saddle trail head so Bill could do one of our favorite trail runs. It's a 6.6 mile hilly loop on a logging road that is dirt so it's nice a soft and you can run it year round, it's never too muddy up here. You can go up or down to start, your choice. I rode my mountain bike along side Bill since I might be getting a shin splint from running. Marshall dog came too and the weather was a perfect for a run, about 58 degrees.

Bill ran his fastest time by 2 minutes on this run for the year so far and was about 2 minutes from his fastest time ever. Not bad for an out of shape guy. After the loop we crossed the road and did about 4 miles on Lower Horse trail which included some single track trails. Marshall and I love single track so we skipped on ahead for a nice switch back descent.

We came home and made salad and pizza sandwiches and Bill turned on a documentary we are watching about Lewis and Clark. It's great but I fell asleep on the couch for about an hour and half. Yes! We met the Grizwalds for dinner at a mexican restaurant in Philomath (just outside of Corvallis) and Bill and I went downtown for gelato and a short walk downtown to burn some calories.

Tomorrow we are biking Decker with some people (the 20 mile loop we time trial) and then meeting some other people to canoe on the Willamette River in the afternoon. I'll post more pics tomorrow. Have a great weekend!