Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and Dinner with Friends

Quick note to my mom: I am not going to put a video of myself saying "hi" to you on my blog today. We'll see about some videos later but right now that sounds kind of corny and I am 35 years old you know. Love you!

For Mother's Day I took Marshall dog to the river and watched him wade up to his belly--I think the water is still pretty cold. Bill ditched me to go for a 70 mile bike ride with his buddies so I was on my own all morning. In the evening we had dinner with some friends, a couple that Bill has known since 2001, which is a long time to know someone in a college town. Our friends have an adorable son that Bill gets really rowdy with so we thought we might leave Bill there and go get some peace back at my house. Kids love Bill, he knows how to communicate with them and I think that is rare because kids get really into him.

Monday night we joined our "Monday night dinner club" which is a group of people we get together with for dinner once a month. It usually involves more wine drinking than eating so is always a good time. Tonight's dinner was italian, our friends just got back from Italy. By the time dinner was done I felt like olive oil was coming out of my pores. I think the biggest hit of the night was the Limoncello alcohol we had at the end of the evening. YUM!

We had dinner with friends 3 nights in a row. No more olive oil for the rest of the week! Uggghhh.

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