Friday, May 16, 2008

I'll Take It!

It was sunny and 85+ degrees here yesterday and some lucky person had organized snow to be delivered to the quad at OSU for a snowboarding display. There were hundreds of students hanging out and it felt like spring break here yesterday. Today's forecast is 97 degrees, that usually doesn't happen until late July so this weather is freaking everyone out.

I had some girls over for a BBQ last night while Bill was out playing in his disc golf tournament. It was a laid back affair and was quite nice, they were ladies from the triathlon crowd so it was fun to hear what everyone is up to. We have a new triathlete in town, she's a pro and lives in our neighborhood so I'm going to play tour guide with her on Saturday and we're driving over to the coast after I get back from the Lebanon sprint triathlon.

We set up our new deck furniture last night, I'm going to take a photo when I get home and will post it later. We bought indoor furniture from IKEA for outside. I have been looking for comfortable outdoor furniture and decided it doesn't exist in the form I want so we're going with indoor furniture. Hey, that was a good ramble I did there. Happy Friday!

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