Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Just Want to Breath

Check out my new open water swimming outfit! I thought it was a fluke, but two times now, my swim coach has told me "good job"! He has been hammering me to keep my head down while breathing and I think I'm doing it about 80% of the time now. I think this because I am barely able to breath most of the class and apparently that's good! I had to slow down to be able to get the technique, I hope I can keep it up and actually improve at swimming. Oh dreameaver...

It's 10:25pm and I'm just getting to blog, I had two big boxes of shipments for tribabe come in today and we have a camping trip to pack for so we can leave tomorrow so it has been a busy evening. We'll be back Sunday evening, I'll try to blog then with some photos from our camping/mtn biking trip. Monday we have another local triathlon so we'll be back at it again!

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Maggs in Hawaii said...

Breathing when swimming is overated ;-) or at least that's what they want you think. I always have much better form when I slow down (and then I tend to actually go faster). Good luck on your race on Monday!