Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Can't Help Myself

Two things today:

1. a friend commented on how relaxed I am
2. I sent my husband off to trail run with the hot new fast tri chick in town

First, I met my guitar playing friend at noon today and we went through some old tunes we used to practice together and he said, "You are so much more relaxed than last year..." and it didn't take me but a minute to realize that last year, I was stressed, and it affected everything I did. It doesn't matter sometimes that you don't want to be stressed, sometimes you just are. Watching my husband get two master's degrees and then struggle to find work was VERY trying on me. Not just financially, I just wanted him to find his place in the world so badly and not knowing what was going to happen next was STRESSING ME OUT!!! But it's done, he found the perfect job and I'm good and life is easier and I'm finally chilling out. Peace man. It feels awesome. I think we're all relieved.

Ever since I met the hot new fast tri chick in town I've been saying, "You should train with my husband!" because they have similair training styles and compatible enough speed. So after work Bill picked up Sunny and I up on campus and drove us to Peavy Arboretum and then proceeded to ditch me, per my instructions, and run off with another woman. I got to run a shorter loop with the dog who, after 40 minutes with me, ran off into the woods and found Bill and Sunny and left me by my lonesome. So I lost my husband and my dog to another woman! I'm just teasing around about all of this, I love having new friends and I really do think they would make good training buddies. :)

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