Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hard Work and Pressure

We record a series on Fit TV called "Art of the Athlete" and last night we watched the story on Dawn Staley, a very accomplished basketball player. Dawn is 5'6" and had nothing handed to her but she made a career out of basketball, won 3 Olympic gold medals, played for the WNBA and went on to coach women's basketball at the college level and achieved winning 100 games in the fastest amount of time ever for a coach.

The woman is no joke, she also has a foundation for helping kids in impoverished neighborhoods. One thing she said that really resonated with me: you can do OK work and accomplish some things or you can work hard consistently over time and the rewards will come your way.

It is very difficult to consistently work hard and I admire people who are able to achieve that level of dedication year after year. I imagine she has sacrificed a lot to get to that level of success and her story makes her a great role model for women.

Her story goes hand in hand with the emergence of professional women's basketball in the USA. When she came out of the college she had to go play in Italy because there was no WNBA. She was turned down for the women's Olympic team that year even though the was named the college player of the year in basketball. The Olympic committee thought she was too short and didn't have enough international playing experience. So she kept at it and made the team for the next Olympics. People were talking about forming a pro women's team in the US during that time so the team that year felt tremendous pressure to win the gold. Dawn said that she felt like the dreams of thousands of young girls were on their shoulders during the games and they had to rise up to the occasion and win, which they did.

I tear up when I hear stories like Dawn's, it is so amazing to see what she was able to accomplish and that history happened while her hard work paid off for her. I will think of her when I get back training consistently and use her to inspire me to stop whining and start working.


Billy said...

We enjoy the that series too. I started reading your blog some time ago after you made me a couple of hats. My wife and I may also move to the Eugene/Corvallis area sometime in the future and I love your descriptions of the area.

tribabe said...

Billy, thanks for reading, I like to write about Corvallis and Oregon, it was my dream as a little girl to live here and it hasn't let me down. Just an FYI about Eugene, there are more hippies there so depending on how you view that...