Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Footloose and Chili for breakfast

I forgot to mention a great experience I had at the triathlon last Saturday morning! There was a nice young man hired to be a DJ and he started the day off playing the song "Footloose" which for some reason, irritated me immensely. Bill on the other hand was thrilled which irritated me more. The DJ went on to play the greatest (worst) hits from the 80s including music from Van Halen and Michael Jackson.

If that wasn't enough for the senses, I started to smell burning meat, perhaps mini sausages, but Bill realized they were making chili for the racers. So I spent the morning listening to perky music as the fine smell of chili wafted around me. It was 7:30 am!

The person to feel sorry for in all this: Bill, because he had to put up with me. He seemed really amused.

Above is a photo taken on Saturday of our friend Napoleon at the park, doesn't he look happy? You can guess why he has that name, here's a hint: he has no knees. Bill also calls him "shortstop" because of his ability to catch ground balls.

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