Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dumb and Dumber go Mountain Biking

Today seemed like a good day to go for a mountain bike ride since we're in store for some epic riding next weekend on the McKenzie River trail and we haven't ridden on trails in months. I reminded Bill about the unofficial trail map he got ahold of and we decide to go explore some new stuff. Great idea except our bike handling skills were rusty and I'm out of shape. And it was unseasonably hot today.

We got to the trail head at Oak Creek and Bill realized that neither bike had a bag on it so if we got a flat or mechanical, we would have to run it back in. Sweet. Marshall dog was ready to ride so we started out slowly and once we hit the first hill of significance, I put my "boobs to the tube" (I learned that phrase at the women's mtn bike clinic I went to, it means to put your chest down so you center of gravity is not over the back tire as you climb) and started pumping my legs like I owned the hill. About 3/4 of the way up, I pulled over so I could breath because I was hyperventilating. Bill caught up to me and said, "Why are you going so fast?" and I had no good answer. I guess I thought I was in shape. I'm not.

We got to the "unauthorized trail" part of the map and Bill shouted back to me, "the trail is really narrow!" just as I spotted some poison oak. If we don't get covered in itchy bumps in the next few days I will be amazed. Long story short: about 15 minutes of riding on difficult trails I decided this was stupid, I was bailing on every difficult section and it was incredibly steep. I asked Bill if we could turn around and do good old faithful Extendo trail since we had no skills and he agreed to go with me.

After riding we took the dog to the icy and raging Willamette River for a recovery swim (the dog swam) and called it a day. I'm glad to be in one piece and can't wait until we ride next weekend (yikes).

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