Monday, May 26, 2008

Camping at Red Diamond

Major bummer dude: I have no photos from our Memorial Day camping weekend! We couldn't find the battery charger before we left and since we live in Corvallis, electronics items are not easily replaceable. Bill and I plan to go back to this area soon (hopefully July) and I'll take photos when we go back because we loved it!

We had a huge group for camping this year, here's the breakdown:
14 adults
9 kids
8 dogs

We had an entire campsite to ourselves and we really needed it! We planned to do an epic mountain bike ride on the McKenzie highway 128 trail but our campsite was too far away from where we would ride so we'll that ride next time. Instead we hiked at French Pete and rode our bikes on fire roads up into the hills on Saturday. The area looks like a rain forest, all of the trees are covered in moss and everything looks like a beautiful nature photo of Oregon when the sun is shining. Photos would be nice!

(stole the photo above) On Sunday Bill and I woke up early and snuck away from the campground to Terwilliger Hot Springs by ourselves. I know our friends wanted to go but I didn't think they had swimsuits and I just didn't want to go there. I see these people when I'm out walking the dog, there are certain things I just don't need to know! Anyway, the hot springs were the best I've seen and we ended up soaking for over an hour. The scenary, soft sounds of water gurgling, and the light mist in the air made for a memorable experience, better than anything you could get at a spa, it was totally relaxing.

We came back and made breakfast and then napped so it was a great day! In the afternoon, Bill played disc golf with the guys and I rode my mountain bike up the road, it was the best ride I've had in years. Seriously, I saw two cars the entire time, the road followed a river and was surrounded by tall tress and blooming dogwoods. It was sublime. We're going back for a training weekend and I'll take photos, this is why I love Oregon so much, I'm never let down by the beauty here.

On Monday: we were at Heart of the Valley triathlon here in Corvallis. It was a slower sales day for me but still worth my time. Bill raced and was 5th overall. He had a slower swim and bike but a decent run ~18:45 for the 5k so he was happy enough. This afternoon we are doing laundry and watching cage fighting. You heard me, I just got into watching it recently and it's just bad. Mixed martial arts fascinates me and the athleticism and mental toughness of these guys is impressive. Bet you didn't expect me to come out with that!

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craftycrab said...

Cage fighting?! You are hysterical! In other news, better not join Curt and I at hot springs' - we just get nekkid and hop on in!! ;o)