Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bloomin' Hell

I'm trying a new look for my blog. I love change and the old blue look was done, I know it was hard to read on some screens so now we're back to basic white. I think the little saying at the top needs work and I need to add a few features to my blog so don't be surprised to see more changes. At least this change is free--that'll make Bill happy.

I took these photos of flowers last week as I was walking across campus at OSU. Every year I fall in love with Oregon again--it happens in the spring and the love lasts all summer and through most of the winter.

Well the love affair is over early this year! I think every plant in Oregon is blooming and sending pollen into the air right now. I think I sneezed 97 times today. It's even worse on days I swim because my sinuses get extra irritated. I'm sure my neighbors at work are annoyed with me.

Swimming was tough today, I missed class for the past few weeks and when you come back after a break like that, you suffer like a dog. I felt like I was sinking and no amount of kicking and pulling was getting me any higher. I was pretty happy to be done and return to fits of sneezing. I am just a ray of sunshine today!