Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Beach on a Sunny Day

Saturday afternoon I played tour guide with a new friend who just moved into town and took her across the coastal mountain range to Newport, Oregon. She's a pro triathlete from Boulder who moved here for a job at OSU. I typically don't mention friend's names on my blog, so until I ask her about posting her name, we'll call her, The New Female Pro in Town.

Newport is about 50 minutes from Corvallis and typically the temps there are 20 degrees cooler than here so a trip to the coast on a hot day is a great idea. We walked started out in the Nye Beach area and walked for a couple of hours with Marshall dog. Afterward, we had dinner at Rogue Brewery (fish and chips and beer) and thought about going to a brew festival they had going on. It was in honor of the owner's dog who had died so they had dog specific stuff going on and dogs were allowed at the brewery. Since it was $10 a cup to get in and Marshall would have gotten drunk and made a fool of himself we decided to just eat in the restaurant but I might take him next year.

After dinner we walked on the beach again and watched the sunset. Well, actually, we were walking and talking a mile a minute as new friends do, and observed that everyone else on the beach had stopped to watch the view.

We grabbed some ice cream on the way out of town and chatted more. I'm excited to have a new friend in our small town, I hope we can hang out more.

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