Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the City movie premier

Yeah!!!!!!! The movie was really good, I can't wait for it to come out on DVD now. We had to sit in the front row because we got there a little late and the theater was PACKED full of women and a few stray men. Our evening was really fun, we had reservations at a restaurant in a nice hotel in downtown Salem for 10 women. By the time my group got there, some of the girls were 2 martinis in to the evening.

We ordered some Cosmopolitans and got busy catching up with the rest of the girls. About 15 minutes later I ordered a key lime martini and dinner, a crab filled calzone. We had lots of great conversation and celebration and everyone was looking toasty and ready for the movie.

One of our friends is pregnant so we got to ride in her minivan, it was very generous of her to drive us tipsy girls around. I finished up the evening with a lemon drop and then we were off to the movies. I won't spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it but the acting was great, there were several opportunities to tear up, and of course, the fashions and shoes were amazing! I thought Charlolette stole the show and I was dissappointed by how much Smith had aged, I was really looking forward to seeing Smith again and he didn't quite live up to how I remembered him. If you are unfamilair with the TV series I think the movie would still be understandable and fun to watch but just be aware the the title is descriptive and you will get an eyefull. Let me know if you see it and we can share favorite scenes.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Tonight is the Night

I'm heading north to Salem this afternoon for the "Sex and the City" movie premier! Our group expanded to 9 women so we ditched the hotel idea and opted for Salem instead of Portland but we have reservations at a nice restaurant and I'm planning to have photos of our toast of Cosmopolitans for you on Saturday.

Other excitement building, next week I'm up in Salem for the final leg of project management training. Our team will be taking a project from start to finish and competing with other teams in a competition over three days. This is going on the back of the t-shirt I designed for our team:

AND we're making our plans for the drive down to San Francisco next weekend for Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. Bill is looking to turn it into a business trip too so I might be killing time in Sacramento while he tours a facility there. Any suggestions on things to do? We're staying with a friend (Katy) from Team Xantusia while we are in SF, she lives on the course so we will appreciate her so much. Must bring hostess gift!

Have a great weekend, I'll post photos tomorrow, Bill found the camera battery charger under the sink in the bathroom. DOPE! My bad, I scrambled to clean up before company came over and stuffed it down there so I can't be mad at him for losing the battery charger anymore. Since I had a dream that he was having a fling with a waitress last night I have something else to steam about ;)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hard Work and Pressure

We record a series on Fit TV called "Art of the Athlete" and last night we watched the story on Dawn Staley, a very accomplished basketball player. Dawn is 5'6" and had nothing handed to her but she made a career out of basketball, won 3 Olympic gold medals, played for the WNBA and went on to coach women's basketball at the college level and achieved winning 100 games in the fastest amount of time ever for a coach.

The woman is no joke, she also has a foundation for helping kids in impoverished neighborhoods. One thing she said that really resonated with me: you can do OK work and accomplish some things or you can work hard consistently over time and the rewards will come your way.

It is very difficult to consistently work hard and I admire people who are able to achieve that level of dedication year after year. I imagine she has sacrificed a lot to get to that level of success and her story makes her a great role model for women.

Her story goes hand in hand with the emergence of professional women's basketball in the USA. When she came out of the college she had to go play in Italy because there was no WNBA. She was turned down for the women's Olympic team that year even though the was named the college player of the year in basketball. The Olympic committee thought she was too short and didn't have enough international playing experience. So she kept at it and made the team for the next Olympics. People were talking about forming a pro women's team in the US during that time so the team that year felt tremendous pressure to win the gold. Dawn said that she felt like the dreams of thousands of young girls were on their shoulders during the games and they had to rise up to the occasion and win, which they did.

I tear up when I hear stories like Dawn's, it is so amazing to see what she was able to accomplish and that history happened while her hard work paid off for her. I will think of her when I get back training consistently and use her to inspire me to stop whining and start working.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good Luck Sister

Photos taken by a friend from hiking at French Pete last weekend.

I am SO SORE from weight lifting. Probably not a good idea to get all hyped up watching mixed martial arts and then hitting the weight room. I told Bill I want to get a Tapout t-shirt for the gym, hopefully he'll still be seen with me.

I wrote a blog post for 25 minutes and then deleted it all, I was just repeating things I've said before. It's like, get over it! Move on! OK then.

I'll search out some original thoughts and write more later. Good luck with that huh?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Story of My Life

A couple of people have asked what my next race is, and I don't have one on my calendar right now, our summer is booked pretty tight but I might slip one in if I can get over shin splints soon. I got lazy about wearing orthotics (shoe inserts) in my running shoes and I messed up my shins pretty badly running around with some extra pounds on my frame. Good news for me, I've lost about 5 pounds in the last 3 months and it feels great! I'm trying to keep some extra weight on for fertility purposes but too much weight doesn't feel good at all.

I am starting back with weight lifting and learned something disturbing, my chest muscles are incredibly underdeveloped. On the chest press machine I couldn't add any weight at all and failed before 10 reps. YIKES!

But on the seated row I could jack the weight up and do 15 reps easily.

It's pretty clear that I have an underdeveloped chest! I thought I got over that long ago :( just joking! I'm meeting Bill tonight for a weight lifting/swimming double workout so I don't plan on being able to lift my arms over my head tomorrow. Looking forward to that!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Camping at Red Diamond

Major bummer dude: I have no photos from our Memorial Day camping weekend! We couldn't find the battery charger before we left and since we live in Corvallis, electronics items are not easily replaceable. Bill and I plan to go back to this area soon (hopefully July) and I'll take photos when we go back because we loved it!

We had a huge group for camping this year, here's the breakdown:
14 adults
9 kids
8 dogs

We had an entire campsite to ourselves and we really needed it! We planned to do an epic mountain bike ride on the McKenzie highway 128 trail but our campsite was too far away from where we would ride so we'll that ride next time. Instead we hiked at French Pete and rode our bikes on fire roads up into the hills on Saturday. The area looks like a rain forest, all of the trees are covered in moss and everything looks like a beautiful nature photo of Oregon when the sun is shining. Photos would be nice!

(stole the photo above) On Sunday Bill and I woke up early and snuck away from the campground to Terwilliger Hot Springs by ourselves. I know our friends wanted to go but I didn't think they had swimsuits and I just didn't want to go there. I see these people when I'm out walking the dog, there are certain things I just don't need to know! Anyway, the hot springs were the best I've seen and we ended up soaking for over an hour. The scenary, soft sounds of water gurgling, and the light mist in the air made for a memorable experience, better than anything you could get at a spa, it was totally relaxing.

We came back and made breakfast and then napped so it was a great day! In the afternoon, Bill played disc golf with the guys and I rode my mountain bike up the road, it was the best ride I've had in years. Seriously, I saw two cars the entire time, the road followed a river and was surrounded by tall tress and blooming dogwoods. It was sublime. We're going back for a training weekend and I'll take photos, this is why I love Oregon so much, I'm never let down by the beauty here.

On Monday: we were at Heart of the Valley triathlon here in Corvallis. It was a slower sales day for me but still worth my time. Bill raced and was 5th overall. He had a slower swim and bike but a decent run ~18:45 for the 5k so he was happy enough. This afternoon we are doing laundry and watching cage fighting. You heard me, I just got into watching it recently and it's just bad. Mixed martial arts fascinates me and the athleticism and mental toughness of these guys is impressive. Bet you didn't expect me to come out with that!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Just Want to Breath

Check out my new open water swimming outfit! I thought it was a fluke, but two times now, my swim coach has told me "good job"! He has been hammering me to keep my head down while breathing and I think I'm doing it about 80% of the time now. I think this because I am barely able to breath most of the class and apparently that's good! I had to slow down to be able to get the technique, I hope I can keep it up and actually improve at swimming. Oh dreameaver...

It's 10:25pm and I'm just getting to blog, I had two big boxes of shipments for tribabe come in today and we have a camping trip to pack for so we can leave tomorrow so it has been a busy evening. We'll be back Sunday evening, I'll try to blog then with some photos from our camping/mtn biking trip. Monday we have another local triathlon so we'll be back at it again!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Can't Help Myself

Two things today:

1. a friend commented on how relaxed I am
2. I sent my husband off to trail run with the hot new fast tri chick in town

First, I met my guitar playing friend at noon today and we went through some old tunes we used to practice together and he said, "You are so much more relaxed than last year..." and it didn't take me but a minute to realize that last year, I was stressed, and it affected everything I did. It doesn't matter sometimes that you don't want to be stressed, sometimes you just are. Watching my husband get two master's degrees and then struggle to find work was VERY trying on me. Not just financially, I just wanted him to find his place in the world so badly and not knowing what was going to happen next was STRESSING ME OUT!!! But it's done, he found the perfect job and I'm good and life is easier and I'm finally chilling out. Peace man. It feels awesome. I think we're all relieved.

Ever since I met the hot new fast tri chick in town I've been saying, "You should train with my husband!" because they have similair training styles and compatible enough speed. So after work Bill picked up Sunny and I up on campus and drove us to Peavy Arboretum and then proceeded to ditch me, per my instructions, and run off with another woman. I got to run a shorter loop with the dog who, after 40 minutes with me, ran off into the woods and found Bill and Sunny and left me by my lonesome. So I lost my husband and my dog to another woman! I'm just teasing around about all of this, I love having new friends and I really do think they would make good training buddies. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm So Excited!

Today is the Oregon primary election and for once, our state counts! People here are excited and ready to vote, there was a photo of an Obama rally (see above) from this weekend and he had the biggest turnout so far. Hey, people here still stand in front of the court house and protest the war everyday, we don't just let stuff go unnoticed around here. I think it's cool!

Other things I'm excited about:
+ big group camping trip this weekend that will include mtn biking and hiking!
+ Planning a ladies weekend up in Portland for the "Sex and the City" movie premier
+ Escape from Alcatraz triathlon is in a few weeks!
+ Project management class ends next month and we're planning a night out and t-shirts
+ Bill's parents are having their 50th wedding anniversary at the Four Seasons resort in Scottsdale (YES!)!!
+ I lifted weights yesterday for the first time in a long time and I'm SORE (ouchie can't raise your arms sore) and I get to swim today (ha HA on me!)

Blog notes: I've added moderated comments to my blog. They are moderated so spammers don't get on and also so I turn away inappropriate comments (moms read my blog). Also, there are a list of blogs I read over on the right side so check them out, there are some good ones. Send me more if you've got em!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Movie Review: My Kid Could Paint That

We watched a fascinating documentary last night, "My Kid Could Paint That" about a 4 year old girl whose abstract paintings were selling for thousands of dollars. From article:

Marla Olmstead made her first abstract painting while still in diapers, crouching on her parents' dining-room table. She was not yet 2. Her big break came when she was 3, and a family friend hung her paintings in a coffee shop in her hometown of Binghamton, N.Y. By the time she was 4, she was scarfing down cookies at the packed opening of her first solo gallery show. A local reporter covered the story, and the New York Times picked it up. Soon, news crews from all over were rushing to report on the adorable blond moppet and her colorful canvases, calling her a "budding Picasso," a "pint-sized Pollock." Within a few months, she sold more than $300,000 worth of paintings. And then, just short of her 5th birthday, the bubble burst. In February 2005, 60 Minutes aired a report by Charlie Rose implying that Marla's father, a night-shift manager at a Frito-Lay plant and an amateur painter himself, was guiding her compositions. Sales of the paintings quickly dried up, the family was barraged with hate mail, and the New York Post gleefully piled on the puns, reporting that "the juvenile Jackson Pollock may actually be a full-fledged Willem de Frauding."

I won't spoil the documentary for you in case you want to see it but let me know if you do, I haven't been able to stop thinking about this family and the appalling behavior of the people buying the art. Buyers were trying to read deeply into this child's art, one scene even showed a man trying to engage the little girl in a conversation about her art like she WASN'T FOUR YEARS OLD. flipping idiots. all of them.

If you have watched this, please email me, I am desperate for discussion. I'm taking this as a cautionary tale for myself and my family. I have had requests for more videos of Cassie and a special request for a video of Marshall after he makes a stinky (P-U Marshall!) but I think I will have to protect my family from potential harsh media scrutiny. I wouldn't want one of the many blog readers (my mom, my mother-in-law, and the occasional poor person who accidentally finds this blog and is so bored they read it) to find out that I put the cat next to the dog and force them to lay together while I take photos. I'm so ashamed.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dumb and Dumber go Mountain Biking

Today seemed like a good day to go for a mountain bike ride since we're in store for some epic riding next weekend on the McKenzie River trail and we haven't ridden on trails in months. I reminded Bill about the unofficial trail map he got ahold of and we decide to go explore some new stuff. Great idea except our bike handling skills were rusty and I'm out of shape. And it was unseasonably hot today.

We got to the trail head at Oak Creek and Bill realized that neither bike had a bag on it so if we got a flat or mechanical, we would have to run it back in. Sweet. Marshall dog was ready to ride so we started out slowly and once we hit the first hill of significance, I put my "boobs to the tube" (I learned that phrase at the women's mtn bike clinic I went to, it means to put your chest down so you center of gravity is not over the back tire as you climb) and started pumping my legs like I owned the hill. About 3/4 of the way up, I pulled over so I could breath because I was hyperventilating. Bill caught up to me and said, "Why are you going so fast?" and I had no good answer. I guess I thought I was in shape. I'm not.

We got to the "unauthorized trail" part of the map and Bill shouted back to me, "the trail is really narrow!" just as I spotted some poison oak. If we don't get covered in itchy bumps in the next few days I will be amazed. Long story short: about 15 minutes of riding on difficult trails I decided this was stupid, I was bailing on every difficult section and it was incredibly steep. I asked Bill if we could turn around and do good old faithful Extendo trail since we had no skills and he agreed to go with me.

After riding we took the dog to the icy and raging Willamette River for a recovery swim (the dog swam) and called it a day. I'm glad to be in one piece and can't wait until we ride next weekend (yikes).

The Beach on a Sunny Day

Saturday afternoon I played tour guide with a new friend who just moved into town and took her across the coastal mountain range to Newport, Oregon. She's a pro triathlete from Boulder who moved here for a job at OSU. I typically don't mention friend's names on my blog, so until I ask her about posting her name, we'll call her, The New Female Pro in Town.

Newport is about 50 minutes from Corvallis and typically the temps there are 20 degrees cooler than here so a trip to the coast on a hot day is a great idea. We walked started out in the Nye Beach area and walked for a couple of hours with Marshall dog. Afterward, we had dinner at Rogue Brewery (fish and chips and beer) and thought about going to a brew festival they had going on. It was in honor of the owner's dog who had died so they had dog specific stuff going on and dogs were allowed at the brewery. Since it was $10 a cup to get in and Marshall would have gotten drunk and made a fool of himself we decided to just eat in the restaurant but I might take him next year.

After dinner we walked on the beach again and watched the sunset. Well, actually, we were walking and talking a mile a minute as new friends do, and observed that everyone else on the beach had stopped to watch the view.

We grabbed some ice cream on the way out of town and chatted more. I'm excited to have a new friend in our small town, I hope we can hang out more.

Lebanon Sprint Triathlon 2008

The weather was amazingly hot Saturday morning, considering this is Oregon and it's MAY, we were soaring into the 90s! Usually it's raining and chilly at these early season races, I'm kind of speechless about this crazy weather. Bill raced on Saturday and crossed the finish line sweaty and satisfied with 4th overall. There was some decent competition at the race this year, it is a great course to get some speed work in because the bike is fast and the run is flat.

Bill didn't feel great going into the race and thinks he had a pretty average race, swimming ~6:15, got passed on the bike, and ran ~ 20 minute 5k. He's talking about doing some strength training and track workouts to get his speed back. I like that talk!

I had a very decent sales day with the Tribabe booth, I sold lots of beach towels and literally no fleece at all! We have another triathlon next weekend, Heart of the Valley sprint which is in Corvallis. We'll be coming home early from a camping trip to make it there on Monday but that's fine, Bill's racing again and I'm ready to sell more beach towels. Going to post another post about what I did Saturday afternoon next...

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'll Take It!

It was sunny and 85+ degrees here yesterday and some lucky person had organized snow to be delivered to the quad at OSU for a snowboarding display. There were hundreds of students hanging out and it felt like spring break here yesterday. Today's forecast is 97 degrees, that usually doesn't happen until late July so this weather is freaking everyone out.

I had some girls over for a BBQ last night while Bill was out playing in his disc golf tournament. It was a laid back affair and was quite nice, they were ladies from the triathlon crowd so it was fun to hear what everyone is up to. We have a new triathlete in town, she's a pro and lives in our neighborhood so I'm going to play tour guide with her on Saturday and we're driving over to the coast after I get back from the Lebanon sprint triathlon.

We set up our new deck furniture last night, I'm going to take a photo when I get home and will post it later. We bought indoor furniture from IKEA for outside. I have been looking for comfortable outdoor furniture and decided it doesn't exist in the form I want so we're going with indoor furniture. Hey, that was a good ramble I did there. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I did some updating on my online photo archives so that all of the photos of Oregon we've taken the past few years are together as well as other photos of other travels. It was fun to reminesce about the good old days. This classic photo of Bill viciously beating my mom with a piece of kelp at the Oregon Sand Dunes makes me hysterical.

This photo of Bill canoeing on Charlton Lake at sunrise is one of the prettiest I've ever taken.

While I'm being sentimental, a photo from our backyard wedding.

Alright, that's enough sap. I'm having some chicks over tomorrow night while Bill is out playing disc golf. It's supposed to be close to 90 degrees here tomorrow so it should be a great time!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Footloose and Chili for breakfast

I forgot to mention a great experience I had at the triathlon last Saturday morning! There was a nice young man hired to be a DJ and he started the day off playing the song "Footloose" which for some reason, irritated me immensely. Bill on the other hand was thrilled which irritated me more. The DJ went on to play the greatest (worst) hits from the 80s including music from Van Halen and Michael Jackson.

If that wasn't enough for the senses, I started to smell burning meat, perhaps mini sausages, but Bill realized they were making chili for the racers. So I spent the morning listening to perky music as the fine smell of chili wafted around me. It was 7:30 am!

The person to feel sorry for in all this: Bill, because he had to put up with me. He seemed really amused.

Above is a photo taken on Saturday of our friend Napoleon at the park, doesn't he look happy? You can guess why he has that name, here's a hint: he has no knees. Bill also calls him "shortstop" because of his ability to catch ground balls.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and Dinner with Friends

Quick note to my mom: I am not going to put a video of myself saying "hi" to you on my blog today. We'll see about some videos later but right now that sounds kind of corny and I am 35 years old you know. Love you!

For Mother's Day I took Marshall dog to the river and watched him wade up to his belly--I think the water is still pretty cold. Bill ditched me to go for a 70 mile bike ride with his buddies so I was on my own all morning. In the evening we had dinner with some friends, a couple that Bill has known since 2001, which is a long time to know someone in a college town. Our friends have an adorable son that Bill gets really rowdy with so we thought we might leave Bill there and go get some peace back at my house. Kids love Bill, he knows how to communicate with them and I think that is rare because kids get really into him.

Monday night we joined our "Monday night dinner club" which is a group of people we get together with for dinner once a month. It usually involves more wine drinking than eating so is always a good time. Tonight's dinner was italian, our friends just got back from Italy. By the time dinner was done I felt like olive oil was coming out of my pores. I think the biggest hit of the night was the Limoncello alcohol we had at the end of the evening. YUM!

We had dinner with friends 3 nights in a row. No more olive oil for the rest of the week! Uggghhh.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Haven't Had Cheese Curds

We were up at 4:45 am this Saturday to load the car for the Canby sprint triathlon. Canby is south of Portland and this triathlon sells out quickly--it is a nicely run community event. We packed it up a little early today because the wind picked up and was blowing my clothing racks over. Despite that we had enough sales to make it worth the trip so it was a good day.

We had fun watching some of the racers, Bill marveled that one woman brushed out her hair in the transition area after the swim and then off she went on her bike. He is known for his fast transitions so I really do think it was impressed by her patience and tenacity to not have tangled hair for the race.

As soon as we got home I had to start prepping for a dinner, we had invited a new friend over and I had chicken enchiladas on the menu with strawberry rhubarb crisp for dessert. It was pretty freaking good, I feel like I ate an entire chicken and a two crates of strawberries so I know I enjoyed the meal!

I got the rhubarb at the local co-op and while I was there browsing cheeses I saw some hippie-commune looking guys hanging out at the cheese display and one of them said very enthusiastically, "Check it out! Cheese curd!" and his buddy said, "I haven't had cheese curd in SO LONG!"

Whatever they were talking about must have been way over my head because I thought they were getting exciting about cheese curds. I must be missing something!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Taking It All In

This afternoon was warm and sunny and I was stuck in my office waiting for my boss to get off the phone so I could go ask him about some papers he left on my desk the previous day. He had changed his mind about something I thought we had worked out weeks ago and I wasn't feeling so full of energy to go tackle it again with him. I decided to go take a break and get some fresh air. Luckily I brought my purse and my digital camera was inside so I was able to capture some photos of flowers in bloom.

Here's the music building I sneak into with my friend to practice old jazz tunes on our lunch break occassionally. The campus at OSU is so beautiful in the summer.

I rounded the corner from the music building and saw this display in front of the library. It was stunning to see all of the white flags in the sun. I looked for a sign and saw

Each white flag represents 5 iraqis who have died and each red flag represents 5 Americans who have died.

As I walked around to take photos, I took note of all of the international students hanging out and I felt so fortunate to be on a university campus that moment. On my way out I saw this on the sidewalk, I think it was left from a blood drive.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Misconceptions I Likely Perpetuate

First of all: I am not balanced. I try, and I care about being balanced but typically I am either an overworked whirlwind or half asleep on the couch. That's not balanced.

Second: my husband kicks butt. He cooks, cleans, and helps me almost daily with my business. He loads the car for every event we go to, helps at the tribabe booth, and puts everything away in the garage when we get home so I can take a shower and relax. He also does the taxes.

Third: Corvallis is not the perfect place to live. Our house is less than 1400 sq feet and it cost ~$200,000. Since this is a small town in the middle of nowhere Oregon, that's expensive (I do love our house though). We are surrounded by college-aged kids whose parents bought houses for them to attend college and they are frequently obnoxious and loud. This was the case at another place we lived, you can't get away from the students here.

There are a lot of obsessive people here, I think soothing Oregon attracts people who want to commune with nature but aren't always at peace with themselves.

If a relationship goes sour with someone, you will surely run into them frequently and everyone will know your business because this is a small town and everyone talks about everyone's business.

Finally: I am not a good swimmer even though I go to swim class 2-3 times a week. It's partly to due to the bulging disc in my neck and nerve impingment I have but it is also because I can't wrap my brain around proper swim technique and execute it.

Oh, one more thing: my husband is a conservative environmentalist who freaks out if I flush the toilet after just one pee (and all the other freaky enviromental things tree huggers do) but has a hard time buying organic and would have a very hard time voting for a democrat.

I bet there is more, these are just the ones I can think of right now. AHHHH. I feel better!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shin Splints and Animal Abuse

Agh! I can't deny it any further, I've got an achy shin split that isn't going away on my left leg. I'm off from running for at least a week and presently icing. Lame!

Bill and I took Marshall dog for a walk near Bald Hill and Bald Hill Farms today (no camera--sorry!) where cattle roam on a beautiful grassy acres and wait for the end. They sell organic beef for business so the end is decided for them but it still looks like a darn nice life. So nice that Marshall tried to crawl under an electric fence to join them and got zapped. Poor guy! No more off leash near electric fences. YELP!!!

Erin sent me a link to this hilarious kitty cat workout video. Hope you enjoy:

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bloomin' Hell

I'm trying a new look for my blog. I love change and the old blue look was done, I know it was hard to read on some screens so now we're back to basic white. I think the little saying at the top needs work and I need to add a few features to my blog so don't be surprised to see more changes. At least this change is free--that'll make Bill happy.

I took these photos of flowers last week as I was walking across campus at OSU. Every year I fall in love with Oregon again--it happens in the spring and the love lasts all summer and through most of the winter.

Well the love affair is over early this year! I think every plant in Oregon is blooming and sending pollen into the air right now. I think I sneezed 97 times today. It's even worse on days I swim because my sinuses get extra irritated. I'm sure my neighbors at work are annoyed with me.

Swimming was tough today, I missed class for the past few weeks and when you come back after a break like that, you suffer like a dog. I felt like I was sinking and no amount of kicking and pulling was getting me any higher. I was pretty happy to be done and return to fits of sneezing. I am just a ray of sunshine today!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Bad Kitty

After work today I was communing in the back yard with the kitties, enjoying the sunshine and just chilling.

Bree Bree was enjoying a hot stone massage.

Cassie was watching Bree Bree from her spot in the cool green grass...

When El Diablo took hold...


El Diablo strikes again!

That's all I got today, it was a long weekend!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday in Corvallis

We started our Sunday off (church hasn't stuck with us yet) with a bike ride out on Decker road. Bill met his buddies for a 50+ mile ride, I cut it short at around 30. You can't ride out here without passing a christmas tree farm, I think Oregon supplies the world with the majority of Xmas trees. I also passed an alpaca farm, I think they replaced llamas in popular strange animals to herd category around here.

Gathering Together farm isn't open for the season yet. It's right on our favorite bike route and they serve an amazing organic buffet breakfast there in the summer. It's actually hard to get reservations and we've only gone once but I would like to do it again. You can purchase flowers for 5 cents a stem there and they are lovely.

After biking I made us up a quick lunch and we took the dog for a quick swim in the river before meeting friends for a canoeing trip on the Willamette River. Marshall dog didn't get to come because we were borrowing a raft for the float and he would spaz out anyway. The weather was perfect, in the upper 60s with an occasional wind. Bill and I had a great time, our friends had a new canoe and they towed us behind them in a raft so all we had to do was float. See if you can find me in this photo, I was trying to keep my face out of the sun. I might look miserable but I wasn't, I was chilling.

I think we were out there for a good three hours but it was such a nice float it didn't feel that long. Here's a photo of the dogs swimming along side, you might have to zoom in. I think the water was too cold for them because they were in the boat soon after this photo.

After canoeing we went to Block 15 for a pitcher of beer and some good grub. We left the house at 9am and didn't get home until 9pm. I think that makes it a great weekend! Check out little dog Napoleon in the canoe, he was so adorable!