Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Your Appearance

"Mazimizing Success Through People" was the topic of my project management class the past two days and I learned quite a bit that I would like to share but it's 10pm and I have to get up early tomorrow for a "Contracting Resources" class. Main lesson: I need to network more. Connections with people are so valuable to success, I can't hide behind my computer at work and think that it's enough to just get the job done.

Before I go to sleep: one tidbit from class that I really agree with... your appearance says a lot about you in a work environment and you need to dress appropriately. People in Oregon (in general) have a real challenge in this area and like to wear old jeans to work, socks with sandals, and have bad hair. You heard me, bad hair! I've read articles about people coming to do business here and not getting the culture, having to wear a suit to work here is akin to going to hell. It's a different way of thinking and I'm getting away from it. I want people to perceive me as a professional who knows what they're doing. I don't want people to look at me and think I look like I'm ready for a round of disc golf. Dude. It has taken some effort to turn my overly casual wardrobe wearing boat around but my work place isn't a coffee shop and I'm not looking to pick up so I'm getting it together. Deep stuff huh?