Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What a difference a day makes

What triathlon?

I'm back up to Salem this week for advanced project management training and I have to get ready for sales at the Beaver Freezer this weekend so I will likely not have a lot of time to train or plot a reduction in my 500 yard swim time. OH WELL!

I also won't have time to blog much either, my to do list was burning a hole in my purse all day today while I was at class so I will sneak in some work right now and start all over again tomorrow.

This is a balanced life I'm leading here... right? Triathlon camp in southern CA is coming up the week after next so I think I'll just look forward to that and push through this week.

Happy April Fools, Bill ironed my pants this morning for me but then told me he burned a hole in them. HA ha. ha. haa.