Friday, April 18, 2008

Triathlon Camp Day 2

Wish I could upload photos--I have some good ones! Today I ran in the morning, swam at a great outdoor pool at noon and then went on a bike ride in the evening. A great triathlon day but made even better by ending with margaritas and beer in the hot tub and then tri tip steak for dinner and chocolate cake and wine. Couldn't be better!

I started out the day challenging Monty and Dan to a swim meet. In order to get the mental edge I said we wanted to do a 400 IM. Monty's eyes got big and he started making excuses about how he had only recently swam a 200 IM yadda yadda yadda. I had the edge. We got to the pool and swam ~2500 yards and started our meet which ended up being two teams sprinting 25 yards against each other. Dan anchored my team and Monty anchored the other, I'll let you guess who won.

The weather is still great and tomorrow we will do a longer ride and run. I think Dan is doing live coverage of the triathlon olympic trials on slowtwitch tomorrow so tune in!

We don't have any special male guests this year so Monty (formerly a pro triathlete who pioneered several tri innovations) and Dan (founded a bike company and made the first triathlon wetsuit) are on their own entertaining the womens. Dan has risen to the occasion, taking the girls shopping and letting us borrow sweet bikes--Michelle built up a Trek Madone right out of the box and has been riding it all weekend. I brought my pedals and a helmet and have been riding a Kuota K Factor. Dan got a new Cervelo yesterday that will be his race bike, we thought it would be hilarious to build it and take a photo of him on it and post on slowtwitch asking for advice on his position. Only slowtwitch insiders will get how entertaining that is.

I have managed to balance workouts, hot tubbing, socializing, and drinking without getting too dehydrated or sore so the weekend has been a success. I bet the ladies will throw down more tequila tomorrow night, our last night here. Looking forward to the party but not the end of the weekend. It has been fun!