Saturday, April 19, 2008

Triathlon Camp 3 (chick soup)

Today was a bike riding day, we rode the course of the "Devil's Punchbowl" bike race. I would NOT want to race that ride, it was a long climb going up and steep going down. All of the ladies made it and we got home before the winds kicked up too bad and when we got back we were greeted with a huge lunch. Some of the ladies had a post ride hot tub session that lasted almost 2 hours. I sat outside with them and Monty got us up to date on the US Olympic triathlon trials. Cathy and I motivated ourselves enough to get out on a run which was good except the wind was kicked up by then and put the final hurt on me. Or perhaps the wine we drank this evening was the finishing touch. Or the lasagna and chocolate cake. It was a good day!

Tonight we had awards, every year we bring gifts and we all give gifts to each other and say something great about what the woman has done. It's always fun and touching. This year we had one woman who completed Ironman Arizona last week and she kept up with all of the workouts with out complaint. She was given a t-shirt from Jen's web store ( says "Strong and Stoic". Perfect! I got "Loyal and Loving" which made me tear up! Total chick stuff.

We had some great quotes from Monty this year, he started out the weekend wearing a t-shirt that said "Bates Motel" on it which was quite funny but other quotes, I hope your didn't have to be there, he wore Zoomers during part of the swim and the ladies were like "You can't race us with fins on!" and he said "They aren't fins! They're Zoomers!" The ladies were all like those are FINS!!! Later on we were talking about Sheila Toaromina's attempt at medaling at the Olypmics and 3 different sports and he was telling us that she was having a hard time learning fencing and Monty said, "Fencing isn't swashbuckling, it's all fastwitch" and for some reason, we thought swashbuckling was hilarious. I hope you are amused too.

I'll post totally awesome pics tomorrow when I get home. Cheers!