Friday, April 04, 2008

Springtime in Salem Oregon

I had advanced project management class in Salem this week and what a treat! Not the class but the lovely springtime weather and blooming trees near the capital building. I managed to get there 5 minutes early and quickly snapped some photos yesterday.

The class was a little bit slow this time and I was there for 3 days so it had it's painful moments. I've been working with a great team throughout this class and we've made it fun whenever we can. Yesterday someone ordered a pitcher of margaritas at lunch time so that made everything quite a bit more fun!

I don't go to Salem too often but this area of town with the capital buildings and Willamette University is nice. It was hard for me to be away from Corvallis for training this week because I had a long to do list to get ready for the Beaver Freezer and it was really difficult to get workouts in after driving up to Salem and back and needing to work on until late into the evening. I managed to get in a run and 1 hour on the trainer last night so the week was not lost but I certainly didn't get any fitter this week. Oh well! At least I'm not signed up for the Beaver Freezer tomorrow! The forecast is low of 40, high of 50 and rain. Could be worse for Bill and the other racers.