Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sluurrred sppeeecch

Last week coach decided he'd had enough of my swim stroke and started making me do drills. It turns out my husband was right, I don't kick when I swim so coach kept telling me to kick faster and faster. So I went from thud-thud-thump to kic-kic-kic-kic-kic-thud or something like that. This is exhausting. I didn't kick for a reason, kicking makes your face red and wears your legs out. Next coach said I was whipping my right arm around and crossing over the center with that arm. This is bad. So he had me do finger tip dragging so my elbow was up outside of the water. So instead of thud-thud-whip-thump-pull I was doing kic-kic-bend-kic-drag-kick-pull. My head almost exploded trying to keep it all together but I managed to swim this way for the entire main set which was mostly 50s.

This week, coach did not forget last week's lesson for me. As soon as he saw me he said "Now remember..." and he was watching me from the start. So I set out kicking and finger tip dragging and then he calls the main set: 14x100 on 1:45 (faster people did more on a shorter interval) which is perfect for me to try these drills out. So off I go but after about 300 yards my face was beet red and I was gasping for air. Then coach came over and said, "You're lifting your head out of the water when you breath, look down and only let one eye out of the water when your head turns."

Oh jeez. So I added gasping and coughing to the kicking and dragging and as we churned through the set, I inhaled more water trying to keep my head down and the effort I put into kicking caught up to me in the end. I had to take a couple of breaks just so I could continue but I made it through 90% of the main set.

After swimming Bill was kind enough to say, "It is really hard to focus on technique, it takes like 50% more effort than just chilling and swimming." I tried to say something back but words were not coming out correctly. Bill said, "Wow, you just slurred your speech!" and I just kept on walking so I could get to lunch, the only thing that would set me right. I really appreciated that he said it was hard because it was hard. My body feels like a big lead weight right now. Sweet stoned recovery.