Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Run Like Sequoia

After Sunday's bike ride I was 4 pounds lighter and Bill pointed out I only drank half a bottle of Gatorade during the ride. On Monday I decided a recovery aqua job was in order but I still had not gained the weight back. Tuesday I was so busy I could only squeeze in a 30 minute swim at noon, I did not even want to go to the pool because I was tired and stressed and to add insult to injury, I was hungry and it smelled like someone was serving BBQ sandwiches in the lobby of our building as I was exiting. But I managed to swim about 1200 yards and eat a healthy brown rice chicken burrito on a whole wheat tortilla. Yum. NOT!

When I got home from work on Tuesday I decided that in order for the day to be worth something then I would have to go for a run. What I really wanted to do was go shoe shopping and find some flats to replace those black shoes with a heel that are irritating my feet and legs. The only way for me to get out on that run was to put on tights and a running jacket the minute I walked in the door. By then it was raining. grrrrrrr

I needed extra motivation so we called Milo's parents and asked if Milo and his brother Sequoia could go running with me. Sequoia is a big old lab who tends to run off to hunt but if you keep him on a leash he will trot out a very consistent pace and hold it which is exactly what I needed. Bill drove me to the park with 3 dogs and we exited the car in a light mist and off I went.

I did not feel like running but the dogs did so off we went. Sequoia held his trot for the 1st of two loops, we stopped at the river and the dogs took a dip before we got going for loop two. 40 minutes later we were done! When I started to lose motivation I sang "Milo-Milo dog! I want to run, like Milo dog!" to the tune of the song "Macho Man" and I'm sure anyone who observed the crazy singing lady running with 3 dogs steered clear of the crazy pack.

Today my weight is back to normal but I'm tired so tonight I'll ride the trainer and go shoe shopping at lunch. I can delay gratification no longer! I better not smell BBQ today!