Monday, April 21, 2008

Photos from triathlon camp

It was so hard to leave sunny California and my friends! Bill said when he woke up Sunday morning it was snowing in Corvallis and the thought of returning home to cold and cloudy was quite depressing. Fortunately, flowers and trees are in bloom here despite the cold so driving home from the airport I was reminded about the beauty of this area and what a joy it is to live here in Oregon.

The sun broke through the clouds by the time I got home and my family was waiting for me. Bill and I, the dog and two cats all took a cat nap in the sun together on our bed for a while and then Bill made a great dinner while I caught up on the tv shows I had missed (survivor, the office and men in trees).

Now it's back to reality and coasting into next weekend and a triathlon in the cold rain! WAH!