Friday, April 25, 2008

Obsessive People

I bet you thought this post would be about me but it's not! Last night, Bill came home from playing disc golf with his buddies and wanted to talk about how long we are going to stay at a friend's party on Saturday. Every year our friend's host a party at their house and the guy's turn it into a major disc golf playing day because the party host has a course on his property. Basically we show up at the party and I don't see Bill for 5 hours.

We are doing the triathlon Saturday morning (get there by 6:30 am) and I've been invited to a sporty girl's get together Saturday night (7 pm) so there is a lot going on and it will be a long day no matter what we do. I think I'll bring a sleeping bag to the party so I can get a nap in, several people stay the night there and pitch tents so I won't be out of line for taking a nap.

Anyway, Bill's buddies have started a disc golf tournament and I don't know the details but it will last over several months and it involves accumulating points and the leader wears a yellow jersey when they play. Typically the guys play Thursday after work and an occasional Saturday, but this Saturday they will all be together at this party and the host offers a trophy to whoever has the best score on the course for the day so the excitement is doubled for the guys.

What this means to the wife: Bill will not talk to me, look at me, or even care if I exist and I better not want to leave before the trophy and points have been decided. There goes my sporty girl's dinner, unless they finish before dark which isn't too likely. Pout pout. I know, I had my girl time last weekend so I shouldn't complain but this is my blog so I can complain here.

Bill's disc golf friends don't do triathlons so I used to like that they weren't obsessive like our triathlon friends but it turns out they are obsessed it's just with something different. Bill must like obsessive people because he's married to one and hangs out with a whole pack of them.

I'm going to try to not obsess about tomorrow for the rest of the day. Good luck with that! I won't have time to post until Sunday (duh) but I'll write a race report and obsess over the results for the next week. I'm so excited!