Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Not funny nonsense

Check out my new running shoes, if you think they look too dirty to be new then you must not live in Oregon. White shoes is for Californians. I know, I'm not funny. I'm too tired to care or write much more so that's the end of that. Yesterday I had a Coke with lunch (at noon) and I couldn't sleep last night so I'm sleep deprived and I spent all day trying not to fall asleep in advanced project management while the instructor covered the various types of standard PM reports. FASCINATING! It was like a slow death.

I've managed to ween myself off caffeine to the point that I can't tolerate it at all now. I never really thought I would ever say that, ever in my life. I love the caffeine rush that much. I guess life changes whether I want it to or not.

Now here is a gratuitous photo of the cat sleeping on top of the dog this evening. I guess they didn't care who got voted off American Idol and I shouldn't either!