Friday, April 11, 2008


I tried to revive an old hobby today.

I met a friend for lunch and we found a practice room in the music building (university perk) and he played guitar while I attempted to sing. I wasn't good. I practiced last night for an hour but my voice is totally out of shape, wispy, and I missed several notes. But singing to me is like riding a bike so I remembered most of the lyrics and we got through about 8 songs in 50 minutes.

I miss music, this triathlon habit is so time consuming I don't get to all of the other things I would like to do. We'll see where I go with this, probably just the practice room. I used to sing in bars on occasion but it's been several years.

So the weather looks great for the weekend and we'll get out in it and I'll see about some lovely spring photos. Triathlon camp in socal is next week! YIKESSSSS! Can't wait!