Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Did Something Smart Today

Odd day today! We had sunny skies and a forecast for upper 70s and Oregonians go crazy this time of year when that happens. Bill and I drove up to Salem to run errands and then went to Monmouth (south of Salem) and stopped at WOU to ride the bike course for the triathlon I'm signed up for.

Bill did this race last year and I forgot he said it was the most difficult sprint he'd ever done. Last year it was a 10 mile bike course and this year the changed it to just over 17 miles. So it's still difficult only longer! All I remembered hearing about the bike course was that it had lots of "rollers" which I love! So when we started out on the ride I climbed up the first few rollers using my aero bars and everything was going fine until we started climbing up UP UP what was practically a mountain pass. DUDE!

The roads are rough too so I was descending sitting bolt upright and was still going 35 mph. What's even better: you get to come back up this little mountain on the way back in. FABULOUS!

The smart thing I did was asking Bill to drive me there and ride this course ahead of time because I would have been tripping out in the middle of the race to discover this monster of a course. Now I know what I'm in for and I will try to squeeze in some climbing on the bike in the next 12 days. Going to training camp should help.

We're riding again tomorrow, just a short one, and I will likely try to run afterwards. I think I might be glad when this triathlon is done. What a lot of effort for just a sprint. I might have to do another one so I can remember how "easy" they are!

Also glad the weather was warm so I could practice exercising in heat. I had a really hard time putting on a skirt to go shopping today. It just doesn't feel right to expose my legs this time of year! Go white girl!