Monday, April 07, 2008

Hill bogey on a touring bike

On Sunday I decided to skip trail running and get my bike on the road. I've been riding the bike trainer and can't take much more of indoor riding so even though it was windy and threatening to rain, I geared up and got out the door. Bill stayed home, his feet are mangled from biking in the triathlon without socks so I was on my own. Something got into me when I got out there and I rode out to the start of the Decker 20 mile time trial course and went after it.

The course is a hilly loop and my best time biking this loop is just under 1 hour. I thought that with the wind and almost total lack of fitness (especially no climbing legs) that I could live a 1:20 on Sunday. I started out south and into a headwind and couldn't manage faster than 14.5 mph. After turning west, the wind eased a little bit but was still blowing at me so I didn't get much faster going into the big hill. About half way up the hill I saw a rider ahead.

Nothing gets my legs pumping harder than a bogey on a hill. Except I forgot that I don't have any climbing legs so imagine my embarrassment to find that my all out effort meant I could barely pass a guy riding a touring bike, he even had gray hair! What a loser! (me) I continued to push up the hill hoping I wouldn't die (of embarrassment) and just as I crested at the top, the rain started coming down. I lived through the slippery descent and turned onto the highway heading north.

I always push this section no matter how desperate so I started hauling even though my legs were burning from the effort. I looked down and saw I was maintaining 20 mph and seeing 26 mph at times. I pushed all out until I turned west for the final section and hallelujah I still had some tailwind so I kept on pedaling until I crossed the finish in 1:11:30. Not great, but not bad. This was the first time I've ridden the loop this year so I will take it and hope I can make some major improvements in biking in the next 2 weeks. HA!

Later that evening a friend invited us over for dinner and he served seafood alfredo with caesar salad and 3 different types of wine. Oh man, not a good way to recover! Rich food and alcohol. What a brutal day.

Today is Monday, I've got a new laptop from work and we set up our wireless router at home so I'm typing while Bill watches the college basketball finals. Thank goodness that's done and we've joined the 21st century!