Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day Baby

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Today is Bill's 38th birthday, he will celebrate by swimming 38 x 100 on the 1:30. YUCK! He invited our swim class thinking no one would come but a bunch of people have replied saying they are going to be there so it looks like there will be a crowd at the pool today.

We swam yesterday and I thought I would kick butt since I had been working out last week at elevations of 4500+ so I went to the pool ready to conquer my little spot in the swim lane but I was shortly in supreme suffer mode after the 1st 400 yards. I think I'm tired. I guess I need to rest a little before Saturday. I'm going to swim with Bill a little bit today and then hit the track for a short run and then the rest of the week will be short, easy workouts. I hope my legs recover!

We're planning to go out to dinner tonight and I offered to buy Bill anything he wants at the local bike shop (they are having a sale so I think he will let me buy him something). Wouldn't it be nice if he picked out that white bike with pink trim I've been looking at? Kidding! I don't need another bike right now and neither does he! I would guess he'll get bike shorts or tights or something like that.

Bill has been enjoying his new job working from home--he has been finding vendors in the NW to take waste from major companies that contract with his employer. He has been getting involved with a task force at the city level for waste reduction and is a co-facilitator of a citizens group. I'm proud of him, he's doing what he wants and I'm glad someone is interested in this stuff. He's not a hippie or a liberal but he is an environmentalist and conservative and I think we need more people like him even though I'm pretty liberal and would be a hippie if I didn't think they wore bad clothes and smelled ripe. Just kidding. I could never be a hippie. I was not kidding about the clothes and the smell, I live in Oregon and I know up close what a hippie smells like.

Last thing, when I flew into Portland on Sunday my first thought was, "Is there a fish and wildlife convention in town?" Everyone was dressed in tech pants and rain coats like they were going to be out in the field taking samples all day in the rain. Sometimes I can't believe I live here and yet I totally love it.