Monday, April 14, 2008

Ahhhhh Yard Work

It was finally nice enough to get outside and do some yard work this weekend. We woke up to the sounds of birds chirping--I think they were calling us to clean up the red algae growing in the bird bath so they could start bathing AHEM! Despite the neglect the yard doesn't look too bad, just some overgrown stuff and grass growing in flower beds. I don't know that we'll do anything special out here this year. Bill is hot on indoor projects and wants to tear out the carpet downstairs and put in flooring. He wants me to pick out flooring ASAP since it's on sale and I'm kind of nervous about it for some reason.

Now I know why Bill calls Marshall "bat ears"!
We also managed to get the house mostly cleaned, take tribabe stuff out for embroidery, shop for some last minute stuff for my trip, and finish our taxes (yeahhh!!!). We are never this productive so I'm not sure what got into us. We didn't see any friends which was kind of sad since it was so nice out but we had each other and we weren't fighting over the garage so it was a very nice weekend.

I bailed on biking on Sunday, Bill delayed going out until 5pm on Sunday (he was watching golf) and by then it was windy and getting cold and I was 10 minutes into a nap with the dog. I pried myself off the couch and went for a run instead which means I get to make up the bike ride tonight on the trainer. I'm getting my hair done after work so I'll have to tell the stylist not to bother with the fancy products since I'm headed home and plan to get sweaty. wah wah wah. Lame! Here are some photos I took of Naomi "Cassie" Campbell yesterday:

Cassie trying to nap on the swinging chair on the deck.

Cassie responding to me trying to move her into the light for a better photo.

Cassie giving me the death stare. Photo shoot over.