Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Working for the weekend

We are going to have to do something fun this weekend because this week hasn't been fun at all. We did have a good time at the swim meet today, although our team did lose most of it's lead, we're still ahead on points. I got to swim 50 fly in the relay and even though the 1st 30 yards went great, I noticed I was slowing considerably as I came into the wall. Ooops. Can't fake fly speed. We have one more race on Friday which includes 400 IM (relay) 100 IM (individual) and 400 free (relay). Got to get psyched for that!

I made a lot more progress in the garage this evening, Bill got me 8 more plastic totes and I think I've almost filled them all tonight. If we get time tomorrow I'll wrap up the lose ends and come close to finishing and it can't come soon enough. The triathlon season starts the first week of April and I will need time to get ready for event sales.

I need to pick an early season triathlon to race too. Yikes! I should probably ride my bike again sometime soon. Or not!