Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tough Enough

On Monday Bill and I skipped swim class and did our classic 1,000 yard workout which entails, dipping your toes in the pool, splashing around for 1,000 yards, and then hitting the hot tub. It's great! I asked Bill to look at my free style stroke and he said, "You've got no strength in your pull, your hand is exiting too soon and you're not kicking at all. It's amazing you swim as fast as you do." That comment was almost as good as the time we were mountain biking and I asked him to ride my pace and he said, "I didn't know you could ride this slow and not fall over."

I wish I could say that I will work really hard and get faster than him but that will never happen so I'll take pot shots when I can. Pot shots are when I draft him for an entire bike ride and then whip around him suddenly and start pedaling like my wheel is on fire until I drop him. Pot shots are when I wear fins in the pool (when he isn't) and push the pace as hard as I can to make him work to stay ahead of me. I gladly take 'em when I can!

Today in swim class coach gave us a nice set: 12x75 as fly/back/free alternate sprinting 25 of each stroke. I decided to treat it as a mental challenge and held on by focusing on turnover and not speed. We seemed to be getting 15 seconds rest in between so I was able to finish the set and then coach said, "I forgot to tell you to do one more, all out, leave nothing behind on this one." I died by the time we hit backstroke. I'm getting tougher mentally but I'm not there yet. Living with Bill should get me there sooner though ;)