Wednesday, March 05, 2008

To-Do List

I was up at Salem Mon-Tues at a class, "Making Projects Work" so I came home to this to-do list today:
1. Bike commute to work (even though it was 35 degrees this morning) in a small effort to shed pounds
2. Work 8 hours at paying job
3. Meet local woman at library to pick up doggy treats she makes from her home (a thank you gift to Dan and Monty and their dog pack)
4. Attend swim class
5. Order fabric to fill hat orders
6. Research label makers and XL plastic bag storage for garage/home office re-org I'm losing sleep over
7. Call husband 15 times to inquire about when he is going to orientation for his new job and become increasingly irritated when he doesn't have info.
8. Book airline tickets for women's triathlon camp in April
9. Correspond with various tribabe customers
10. Ship order to tribabe customer (a sunvisor that says "SMARTASS" on it)
11. Cuddle puppy and kitties and talk in high pitched voice to them
12. Eat
13. Continue discussion with husband about getting rid of old unused items in garage so I can move in out there (will be lowest part of my day)
14. Order of fleece pants and t-shirts arrived so sort, inventory, store and prepare one tee for embroidery tomorrow
15. Watch American Idol

I could use an assistant and a massage. And to lose 5 pounds.