Friday, March 14, 2008

Run Like Somebody's Chasing You

Our final swim meet was today and I did the 100 IM in 1:27. I wish I knew if that was good (for me) or not, the only time I do 100 IM is during class and we do it at an easy pace. I ran yesterday evening so my legs were heavy during swimming today, I tried to hold back during running but my shoes were making a noise (it had just stopped raining) and I kept thinking someone was behind me so I would pick up the pace for a while and then talk myself into slowing down again. I know, I'm crazy. My head hurts too from being so crazy. I came in last during the 100 IM (I don't feel bad, everyone I was swimming against was much faster then me) so when we did the final event I went all out, arms of fury, and I have a headache from it. It's 9:30 pm and I have to go to bed.

Bill came through for our team today in the final event. It was a freestyle relay, everyone swims 25 sprint. Bill was the anchor and he was up against a former OSU swimmer (female). He had about 1 second on her to start and somehow held her off and won. People asked if he purposefully was gliding into the wall and it turns out he was holding up the "1" sign which slowed him down. What a dork. If he would have lost I would have made fun of him. But he won, of course!

I think we might finish the garage or at least get it in working order tomorrow. We have to go back to Costco and buy two more steel shelving units. They sold out at our local store ($50 is a total bargain for these things, they are quality) so we're driving 30 miles to Salem to get them. Plus Bill likes Dunkin Doughnuts which he can only get in Salem.

I have no life right now. Must do something fun soon. Yes. Fun soon. Goodnight.