Sunday, March 30, 2008

Run Like Milo

Looks like I took a few days off from blogging! Thursday I was dog sitting our friend Milo who once was a stray that ran down the right street and got picked up by our friends who happen to be outstanding dog owners. Milo is a smart one indeed. I took Milo and Marshall running and had the best run I've had in weeks (months... years?) Milo runs with such joy and abandon, he sprawls his body, front paws up high, back legs kicked out almost to the side in a leaping pattern, over and over again. It looks like he would never be able to keep it up, but he does for miles. Anytime I need a running boost I just need to go borrow Milo.

Running has been improving for me, I don't have a perfect rhythm going quite yet (I'm 15 pounds over race weight right now) but I'm running 40+ minutes at a time and just started adding intervals so eventually I might build up to something faster than a slow jog. I might need to go do some timed miles here soon just to see where I'm at. It's been a year or so since I've done that so it would be interesting. The weight issue I mentioned above doesn't help with running but I'm trying to keep some body fat for fertility reasons so I'm just going to have to live (and run) with it.

Bill was gone all last week on business travel and he came home exhausted and sick. He traveled to Indiana and didn't adjust to the time change so he was sleep deprived all week. He also got bumped on a flight on Southwest and was delayed 6 hours so he hasn't quite adapted to business travel yet but hopefully he will get a handle on it before he suffers too much. Most of his travel will be day trips in the NW but occasionally he will be gone all week (chicks and dogs rule at home!)

We watched the season ending of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" season 6 this weekend and it was hilarious! If you haven't seen it, I recommend it highly. We were in hysterics for the last episode. We also watched a Ben Stiller movie, "Heartbreak Kid" and it was terrible. Don't waste your time on that one. Lame! As you can see we had a slow weekend, it's rain/snowing here and Bill is sick so we took turns riding the bike trainer, swam once, and watched movies. I also tore the garage apart getting ready for the 1st tri of the season next weekend. I hope sales go well, I just invested in new polo shirts for men, a neat 1/4 fleece/wicking top, and fleece pants for men and they were not cheap to stock. Bill said, "It's a good thing we're both working full time so we can pay for your little side business." Touche!

I'm having dinner and drinks with some sporty women this evening, it should be interesting since we know each other but have never really had a chance to hang out. I'll report back!