Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pizza stories

Went over to a friend's house last night for a big group dinner and had homemade pizza (yum) and heard that Barack Obama stopped in Corvallis last Friday for pizza at American Dream pizza downtown. I had no idea, we don't have a local news station or even a radio station that I know of, we rely on news out of Eugene which is basically a news vacuum. Link to the story from our local paper if you care. My friends are mostly liberal and largely democrats and what I heard at dinner was Hillary is not the candidate of choice (to put it nicely), that Obama is really inspiring people to vote but people don't have super high expectations of him being able to turn things around and that McCain is too old and too associated with war to stand behind. They were grousing that some Republicans were talking about registering as Democrats to vote in the primary for Hillary as an attempt to defeat Obama who they consider a bigger threat than Hillary. It was an interesting discussion that devolved into the trouble Spitzer (yuck) and other's like him get into. Quality.

I got to make strawberry daiquiris for everyone and eat pizza so I had fun! I did a short run last night to test the Achilles and it was better, I think part of the irritation is a pair of new shoes. I have been wearings flats and Earth shoes (negative heel) for the past year and I bought this pair of Soft Walk shoes that have the slightest heel and I think that is irritating my calves etc. This is ridiculous if you look at how low that heel is but I think that's part of the problem. So, I may need to go back to the shoe store for a lower heel for my everyday shoe and wear these less frequently. Am I getting old or is my body just falling apart? Don't answer that!