Monday, March 31, 2008

Mini Triathlon

I signed up for a sprint triathlon this morning, it's in 3 weeks at Western Oregon University. Yikes! I had to write in my 500 yard swim time on the registration form (this helps the event organizer place people in heats since the swim is in a pool) and any faithful blog readers out there will know I have a mental hang up with swimming 500 yards and I've been practicing it for the past few months. I've done well with the practicing, I can now swim 500 yards without freaking out. One problem though, I decided not to time my practice 500s so I wouldn't pressure myself to swim hard and so I could relax into the swim. It worked, too well! I timed myself swimming at 500 today and I came in at 8:17. I was soooo let down. I thought I would swim around 7:50. I am a long way off that time!

So I took my bummed out self home and rode on the bike trainer for an hour and then went for a short run. I did a mini triathlon today and what I learned is I'm almost exactly where I left off over a year ago, I still swim slow and my one salvation is I can run a decent mile off the bike. Or at least I used to. I wonder if I should time myself running or if that is just a bad idea.

Bill prescribed swimming 100 repeats (another thing I hate) to get some speed going again. What a let down! Here's the thing though: I can only get better. And I will. Watch for progress reports on my 500 times over the next few weeks. I am on a mission now. I hope triathlon-OCD doesn't come back! I was doing so well just enjoying exercise and now I'm tempted to torture myself back into shape. Stupid 500 yard time!