Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lost in the woods at night

Bill picked me up from work today and I pulled a wonder woman maneuver and changed into running clothes in the car on the way to the trail. I suggested we run up to Dimple Hill which has a great view of Corvallis. Bill drove to a different trail head than I was expecting and after a nice of warm up jogging through the forest (out of Chip Ross park for you locals) we were at Dan's trail, a nice switch back trail that heads straight up. I am no where near the shape it takes to run up Dan's trail but I was there and the only way to go was up so up I went. I encouraged Bill to drop me which he promptly did and I jog/walked up gasping for air like an asthmatic climbing Mt Everest.

I arrived at the top 8 minutes after Bill, so yes, I genuinely did suck and after a quick glimpse of the view, I said "let's head down" since we were already 40 minutes into the run. We decided to try a new route down and run down a fire road we've never been on and SURPRISE! We got lost! By then it was after 6pm and we were running downhill in the wrong direction. We ran into a friend who was mountain biking and Bill chatted him up but didn't ask for directions. AHEM. Fortunately he asked the next runner we saw and he gave us directions to take "Horse Trail" back which worked but we were out running for 1.5 hours + and we didn't get back to the car until it was pitch dark.

My wise husband drove straight to the nearest La Roca (best burritos in town) and took me home. I earned a blister on top of a blister for my efforts. I think Bill was a little cold when we got home, he turn the heat up to 85 and stood in front of it. One of us was wearing running tights and a jacket and the other one had on shorts and a lightweight running top. AHEM. I'm going to bed now and will try not to do anything stupid tomorrow but there will be no guarantees.