Monday, March 10, 2008

Freaking Fiasco

Bill and I have been trying to get the situation in the garage worked out and we're probably about 1/2 way through it now. Which is bad because we were supposed to be done on Sunday. I am encouraged that it will look good when we are done which was not what I thought about a week ago. We picked up some excellent shelving units from Costco and industrial rugs for a great price so that saved us a ton of money and time shopping. Now I'm going through all of the fabric I have built up the past 4 years and organizing it. I bought a label maker and new plastic totes so it sounds like I'm getting organized but right now I'm in over my head still. I think we'll get it done by this weekend.

We did get out Saturday for a wine walk in downtown Corvallis. Around 20 business stayed open late and hosted wine tastings of local wines and provided food and music. It was fun to get out on a nice evening and see people and feel some "culture" in our small town. A brewery opened up downtown recently so I'm even more excited about that! Wo ho!

People are starting to ask me about pregnancy stuff again so I will get it out there now: we're aren't trying again until after May so please don't put any mental energy toward it. Bill needs to get going with his job, I need time to decompress mentally still, and I would like to get in one triathlon this season. So not now friends. Hopefully later this year!

I'll post some pics of something (?) tomorrow. Blogging at 10 pm so that's enough out of me!