Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dumb and Dumber

Last night Bill got home from his first business trip and realized that he had forgotten his suitcase at the airport. It's in lost and found so no biggie, he has an appt near the airport tomorrow so he can pick it up but he was really irritated when he got home. (welcome home honey!)

Then this morning I left for work with every car key in my purse/bag and no house key so later in the day when Bill went to leave, he could not find any keys so he had to ride his bike to a physical therapy appt in the rain. After work I had a chiropractor appt and Bill was out playing disc golf with the guys so when I was done with my appt I had to drive to the park and he had to run the house key to me in the parking lot. I was so tired at the end of the day but I promised myself I would ride the bike trainer so Bill set it up for me and then disappeared for a 1/2 hour to shower and wash the dog. I was sweating bullets riding the trainer and my legs were aching and I thought, "Wow, my legs must be tired from swimming fly the other day..." but it turned out that Bill had set the trainer up with an extra towel underneath and the cable that provides resistance was rubbing on the towel providing me with extra resistance.

We capped the day off by staying up to watch the movie "Mr Woodcock" and it was the perfect end to really dumb day. Good grief!