Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Don't Throw it Away

Bill's new job is looking like a winner! He was hired as a program manager for a company that reduces waste for major corporations and is starting up a sustainability group. Bill has been working toward this for several years, he took courses in resource management, business, sustainability, and even became a master recycler and serves on a board for sustainability and waste reduction and after two masters degrees and several years, he's finally doing what he wants! That was easy!

The sustainability industry is still new even though we hear about it all of the time and it wasn't easy for Bill to break into but it looks like it is happening for him and he is doing great!

There is a series on NPR right now "Getting Rid of Junk" that hits home for me after our garage situation. This consumer society we live in here in America means we have to have help getting rid of our things.
I heard this morning about making sure to dispose of your old electronic gadgets appropriately.. there is a web site that will tell you where to take it: now I know where to take my broken digital cameras and old cell phones. Speaking of cell phones, I think it's time for an upgrade!