Monday, March 31, 2008

Mini Triathlon

I signed up for a sprint triathlon this morning, it's in 3 weeks at Western Oregon University. Yikes! I had to write in my 500 yard swim time on the registration form (this helps the event organizer place people in heats since the swim is in a pool) and any faithful blog readers out there will know I have a mental hang up with swimming 500 yards and I've been practicing it for the past few months. I've done well with the practicing, I can now swim 500 yards without freaking out. One problem though, I decided not to time my practice 500s so I wouldn't pressure myself to swim hard and so I could relax into the swim. It worked, too well! I timed myself swimming at 500 today and I came in at 8:17. I was soooo let down. I thought I would swim around 7:50. I am a long way off that time!

So I took my bummed out self home and rode on the bike trainer for an hour and then went for a short run. I did a mini triathlon today and what I learned is I'm almost exactly where I left off over a year ago, I still swim slow and my one salvation is I can run a decent mile off the bike. Or at least I used to. I wonder if I should time myself running or if that is just a bad idea.

Bill prescribed swimming 100 repeats (another thing I hate) to get some speed going again. What a let down! Here's the thing though: I can only get better. And I will. Watch for progress reports on my 500 times over the next few weeks. I am on a mission now. I hope triathlon-OCD doesn't come back! I was doing so well just enjoying exercise and now I'm tempted to torture myself back into shape. Stupid 500 yard time!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Run Like Milo

Looks like I took a few days off from blogging! Thursday I was dog sitting our friend Milo who once was a stray that ran down the right street and got picked up by our friends who happen to be outstanding dog owners. Milo is a smart one indeed. I took Milo and Marshall running and had the best run I've had in weeks (months... years?) Milo runs with such joy and abandon, he sprawls his body, front paws up high, back legs kicked out almost to the side in a leaping pattern, over and over again. It looks like he would never be able to keep it up, but he does for miles. Anytime I need a running boost I just need to go borrow Milo.

Running has been improving for me, I don't have a perfect rhythm going quite yet (I'm 15 pounds over race weight right now) but I'm running 40+ minutes at a time and just started adding intervals so eventually I might build up to something faster than a slow jog. I might need to go do some timed miles here soon just to see where I'm at. It's been a year or so since I've done that so it would be interesting. The weight issue I mentioned above doesn't help with running but I'm trying to keep some body fat for fertility reasons so I'm just going to have to live (and run) with it.

Bill was gone all last week on business travel and he came home exhausted and sick. He traveled to Indiana and didn't adjust to the time change so he was sleep deprived all week. He also got bumped on a flight on Southwest and was delayed 6 hours so he hasn't quite adapted to business travel yet but hopefully he will get a handle on it before he suffers too much. Most of his travel will be day trips in the NW but occasionally he will be gone all week (chicks and dogs rule at home!)

We watched the season ending of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" season 6 this weekend and it was hilarious! If you haven't seen it, I recommend it highly. We were in hysterics for the last episode. We also watched a Ben Stiller movie, "Heartbreak Kid" and it was terrible. Don't waste your time on that one. Lame! As you can see we had a slow weekend, it's rain/snowing here and Bill is sick so we took turns riding the bike trainer, swam once, and watched movies. I also tore the garage apart getting ready for the 1st tri of the season next weekend. I hope sales go well, I just invested in new polo shirts for men, a neat 1/4 fleece/wicking top, and fleece pants for men and they were not cheap to stock. Bill said, "It's a good thing we're both working full time so we can pay for your little side business." Touche!

I'm having dinner and drinks with some sporty women this evening, it should be interesting since we know each other but have never really had a chance to hang out. I'll report back!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Don't Throw it Away

Bill's new job is looking like a winner! He was hired as a program manager for a company that reduces waste for major corporations and is starting up a sustainability group. Bill has been working toward this for several years, he took courses in resource management, business, sustainability, and even became a master recycler and serves on a board for sustainability and waste reduction and after two masters degrees and several years, he's finally doing what he wants! That was easy!

The sustainability industry is still new even though we hear about it all of the time and it wasn't easy for Bill to break into but it looks like it is happening for him and he is doing great!

There is a series on NPR right now "Getting Rid of Junk" that hits home for me after our garage situation. This consumer society we live in here in America means we have to have help getting rid of our things.
I heard this morning about making sure to dispose of your old electronic gadgets appropriately.. there is a web site that will tell you where to take it: now I know where to take my broken digital cameras and old cell phones. Speaking of cell phones, I think it's time for an upgrade!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pizza stories

Went over to a friend's house last night for a big group dinner and had homemade pizza (yum) and heard that Barack Obama stopped in Corvallis last Friday for pizza at American Dream pizza downtown. I had no idea, we don't have a local news station or even a radio station that I know of, we rely on news out of Eugene which is basically a news vacuum. Link to the story from our local paper if you care. My friends are mostly liberal and largely democrats and what I heard at dinner was Hillary is not the candidate of choice (to put it nicely), that Obama is really inspiring people to vote but people don't have super high expectations of him being able to turn things around and that McCain is too old and too associated with war to stand behind. They were grousing that some Republicans were talking about registering as Democrats to vote in the primary for Hillary as an attempt to defeat Obama who they consider a bigger threat than Hillary. It was an interesting discussion that devolved into the trouble Spitzer (yuck) and other's like him get into. Quality.

I got to make strawberry daiquiris for everyone and eat pizza so I had fun! I did a short run last night to test the Achilles and it was better, I think part of the irritation is a pair of new shoes. I have been wearings flats and Earth shoes (negative heel) for the past year and I bought this pair of Soft Walk shoes that have the slightest heel and I think that is irritating my calves etc. This is ridiculous if you look at how low that heel is but I think that's part of the problem. So, I may need to go back to the shoe store for a lower heel for my everyday shoe and wear these less frequently. Am I getting old or is my body just falling apart? Don't answer that!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Photos from the Weekend

I've been doing a lot of talking on my blog lately, so here are some photos, worth more than hastily put together sentences I write before bed...

Check out the kitty cat que on the couch. As you can see, I get plenty of room to stretch out my legs and relax at home. The animals never crowd me or need a lot of attention when I get home from work. It's worth it though. Bill and Marshall were out checking the mail a few nights ago and little Cassie was cuddling me on the couch when we heard a noise outside. She started growling a vicious low toned growl which cracked me up, I had never heard he growl before so it was quite comical. Marshall is an awesome protector, he barks loudly at any noise when we're home alone and he even barks at Bill sometimes which makes both of us feel better.

Bill and Marshall were soaked to the bone when they got home from disc golf on Thursday. It was 40 degrees and raining and they were out there for ~2 hours while Bill played in the beer tournament he has going with his buddies. Every Thursday they get together (rain or shine) and winner takes all of the beer. Bill doesn't drink much beer so I couldn't figure out why he stayed out there for the entire game but I guess that's how they play it. He said the dogs weren't even playing in the park, they were all huddled under trees waiting to go home!

On Friday Bill picked me up from work and took me out for dinner. We went to a new restaurant called "101", it was very nice, it had several hi-def TVs with basketball going and they served decent martinis so both Bill and I were happy. The atmosphere is like a lodge/fancy bar. Very adult and nice. What I couldn't figure out was why my hubby was wearing hiking boots and a bright red vest for our date. I think he thought we were headed for Squirrels, the local watering hole where you get a burger, not a fancy place. I said, "Are we going hiking?" and we spent the evening giggling about it. He was actually dressed nice for a guy from Oregon which is why we bought him some new shirts at the Banana Republic outlet store this weekend. As you can see from the photo, he has a great sense of humor and is quite lovable. :)

On our way home from a bike ride on Saturday, we spotted a pack of wild turkeys hanging out on someone's lawn in the country club section of Corvallis. Good thing it's Easter weekend and not Thanksgiving you soft living turkeys! We had to drive up the airport in Portland on Sunday to retrieve Bill's forgotten suitcase so we stopped off at IKEA to pick up some new outdoor furniture for our back deck. The house came with some wood furniture but I've decided to sell it because I don't find it comfortable. It's one of those things that look nice but don't feel nice. I've been scouting outdoor furniture for the past 2 years and finally decided on an indoor chair from IKEA that has a footstool. The chairs will remain inside in the winter since we don't sit on the deck in the winter anyway. I'll post photos once Bill gets them assembled. We also got a lamp and a couple of circle shaped rugs for my office so I just need another heater and I will be set.

I hope you had a nice weekend with family. We were a little lonely and made a hasty dinner late Sunday night but all is well with us and I hope all is well with you too.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dumb and Dumber

Last night Bill got home from his first business trip and realized that he had forgotten his suitcase at the airport. It's in lost and found so no biggie, he has an appt near the airport tomorrow so he can pick it up but he was really irritated when he got home. (welcome home honey!)

Then this morning I left for work with every car key in my purse/bag and no house key so later in the day when Bill went to leave, he could not find any keys so he had to ride his bike to a physical therapy appt in the rain. After work I had a chiropractor appt and Bill was out playing disc golf with the guys so when I was done with my appt I had to drive to the park and he had to run the house key to me in the parking lot. I was so tired at the end of the day but I promised myself I would ride the bike trainer so Bill set it up for me and then disappeared for a 1/2 hour to shower and wash the dog. I was sweating bullets riding the trainer and my legs were aching and I thought, "Wow, my legs must be tired from swimming fly the other day..." but it turned out that Bill had set the trainer up with an extra towel underneath and the cable that provides resistance was rubbing on the towel providing me with extra resistance.

We capped the day off by staying up to watch the movie "Mr Woodcock" and it was the perfect end to really dumb day. Good grief!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tough Enough

On Monday Bill and I skipped swim class and did our classic 1,000 yard workout which entails, dipping your toes in the pool, splashing around for 1,000 yards, and then hitting the hot tub. It's great! I asked Bill to look at my free style stroke and he said, "You've got no strength in your pull, your hand is exiting too soon and you're not kicking at all. It's amazing you swim as fast as you do." That comment was almost as good as the time we were mountain biking and I asked him to ride my pace and he said, "I didn't know you could ride this slow and not fall over."

I wish I could say that I will work really hard and get faster than him but that will never happen so I'll take pot shots when I can. Pot shots are when I draft him for an entire bike ride and then whip around him suddenly and start pedaling like my wheel is on fire until I drop him. Pot shots are when I wear fins in the pool (when he isn't) and push the pace as hard as I can to make him work to stay ahead of me. I gladly take 'em when I can!

Today in swim class coach gave us a nice set: 12x75 as fly/back/free alternate sprinting 25 of each stroke. I decided to treat it as a mental challenge and held on by focusing on turnover and not speed. We seemed to be getting 15 seconds rest in between so I was able to finish the set and then coach said, "I forgot to tell you to do one more, all out, leave nothing behind on this one." I died by the time we hit backstroke. I'm getting tougher mentally but I'm not there yet. Living with Bill should get me there sooner though ;)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Achilles

No it's not the garage. I think I'm still feeling the effects of that unintentionally extended trail run we did and I'm having trouble running pain free now. I'll be aqua jogging the rest of this week. Luckily we have a decent dive well at the OSU aquatic center that rarely gets used (it's just a diving board not a tower type thing) anyway we have a place to aqua jog that isn't too troublesome so I don't complain about it.

It was raining like crazy this morning but by the afternoon the sun was out and I came home from work and opened the back door for the cats and dog to migrate as they please, they love that. Marshall and I went on a run in the sun and then I came home and made a strawberry daiquiri and some guacamole. Life is good as the t-shirts say!

There was a good piece on 60 minutes about sleep, I encourage you to watch it if you have some time. They are linking lack of sleep with memory problems, obesity, and pre-diabetes. The most important part for me was finding that you may get smarter if you get a good night's sleep. I could use all the help I can get.

It won't let me embed the video into my blog, you can see the stories on "The Science of Sleep Part 1 and Part 2" at the 60 minutes web site

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Saga of the Garage or What Happens When You Are NOT Nice

We all have our quirks, that cannot be denied. What follows is the story of our quirks colliding--in our garage. Before I get emotional, allow me to lay out the facts as I see them:
-Bill's parents moved to Maui (from Illinois) several years ago and gave Bill items they weren't interested in taking by boat to the island including several pieces of old furniture
-Bill has many fond childhood memories and has preserved many keepsakes that he enjoys seeing from time to time
-Bill is passionate about reducing waste and sees usefulness in almost everything
-We live in a house that is less than 1300 square feet
-I operate a home based business that includes an extensive inventory that I need quick access to
-Bill just accepted a job that will allow him to work from home but requires me to move out of the office and into the garage where all of Bill's keepsakes and furniture were being stored

I had patiently assisted with moving Bill's keepsakes and other items from one location to another for years and allowed our garage to accumulate items literally to the rafters up until he accepted his new job. That was the tipping point for the pile. Bill agreed and started to diligently work on making space in the garage for me. After more than a week of work, I came home to an open garage door and saw this. It almost makes me cry just to look at this. This was what I was expected to move my business into. This was AFTER he had removed things and spent HOURS working on it.

I almost had a nervous breakdown. An over-reaction on my part? When you own a web store, you can get orders for 10 items in 1 second or you can get no orders all day. I am not in control of my business and my event sales start in a few weeks which are a major time commitment and I wasn't ready on any level. I was trying to explain to Bill that I needed more than 1/2 of the garage but Bill adamantly told me that he would NOT get rid of several items and that he would NOT rent a storage unit and that he wanted some space in the garage to setup his bike trainer and a TV. End of discussion. I felt like I was getting walked on (to put it nicely). So where did and I end up?

Basically I threw down. Hard. By "throw down" I mean I picked a seriously big fight and said get your stuff out of the garage by Saturday or you will not like what happens next. For the record, that is not a nice way to handle things. The only thing that stopped it from getting worse was Bill disclosed to me that there is an attic space in the garage and he installed flooring and moved several items into the attic. I had never heard about the attic prior that so it was a great relief. Next he got rid of some things by taking them to a local furniture share and Goodwill. He dismantled several moving boxes he had been using to store things and we put some items in XXL Glad Ziploc bags which store well but take up less space. Then he moved whatever remaining items he could up against one wall and took up about 1/4 of the total garage space with his stuff.

Then we went to Costco and lucked into these steel shelving units ($50/ea) some industrial carpeting ($22/ea) several new clear plastic totes ($7/ea) and a label maker ($50). Our problems were basically solved. I need another space heater and another lamp since it is still cold and dark in the windowless garage. Bill also has space for his bike trainer and TV. So I am happy and so is Bill. What is the problem then?

The problem is realizing how you treat people on the way to getting what you want. The problem is saying, "This is the way it is!" or "Do this or else!" and that is exactly what we did to each other. It was ugly. I think we both take responsibility for how we acted and realize that it did not need to go down that way. It was a painful lesson and I'm still upset about it. We are two strong personalities and typically get along nicely but wooooo ho! We have territory issues. And personality quirks. I think we can all move on now and enjoy the space we've created together and in the end, it was probably better that it happened so we could work it out but I think we both have regrets and regret is something I take seriously. I will dwell on this for a while so I can stop it before it starts again next time.

I am still really in need of some fun. I'm working on a strawberry daiquiri get together tomorrow with friends so that will be a good start!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why leave the house?

I'll make this quick so I can get to bed: had a decent weekend. Went to the final OSU gymnastics meet of the year, they were hosting 3 other team and it was very entertaining. Gymnasts are incredible athletes.

We have finished the bulk of the garage project and just have small details remaining. Thank goodness! I will not look back fondly on this time of my life. I plan to post before and after photos tomorrow so you can see what an absolute disaster I was dealing with here.

Today was an easy day, made 22 hats for tribabe orders, rode the bike trainer for an hour, and read most of a book, "Waltzing the Cat" by Pam Houston. I love not leaving the house all day.

We watched "Across the Universe", a movie based on music by The Beatles. I was entertained but Bill was not into it. Also on Saturday we went for a trail run in the afternoon, I am still carrying extra weight and running up steep hills is not happening for me yet. Surprisingly I haven't been depressed by this. I've been skinny my whole life, right now I'm not, and even though I don't care for the way I look I'm not dwelling on it. Perhaps... I am growing up? Bottom line: I have the rest of my life to be skinny and athletic so I'm not that focused on what I am today. I was just happy to be "running" in the woods for close to an hour. It will be interesting to see what I can do in a triathlon here in a month or so. My mind wanders.

Good night!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Run Like Somebody's Chasing You

Our final swim meet was today and I did the 100 IM in 1:27. I wish I knew if that was good (for me) or not, the only time I do 100 IM is during class and we do it at an easy pace. I ran yesterday evening so my legs were heavy during swimming today, I tried to hold back during running but my shoes were making a noise (it had just stopped raining) and I kept thinking someone was behind me so I would pick up the pace for a while and then talk myself into slowing down again. I know, I'm crazy. My head hurts too from being so crazy. I came in last during the 100 IM (I don't feel bad, everyone I was swimming against was much faster then me) so when we did the final event I went all out, arms of fury, and I have a headache from it. It's 9:30 pm and I have to go to bed.

Bill came through for our team today in the final event. It was a freestyle relay, everyone swims 25 sprint. Bill was the anchor and he was up against a former OSU swimmer (female). He had about 1 second on her to start and somehow held her off and won. People asked if he purposefully was gliding into the wall and it turns out he was holding up the "1" sign which slowed him down. What a dork. If he would have lost I would have made fun of him. But he won, of course!

I think we might finish the garage or at least get it in working order tomorrow. We have to go back to Costco and buy two more steel shelving units. They sold out at our local store ($50 is a total bargain for these things, they are quality) so we're driving 30 miles to Salem to get them. Plus Bill likes Dunkin Doughnuts which he can only get in Salem.

I have no life right now. Must do something fun soon. Yes. Fun soon. Goodnight.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Working for the weekend

We are going to have to do something fun this weekend because this week hasn't been fun at all. We did have a good time at the swim meet today, although our team did lose most of it's lead, we're still ahead on points. I got to swim 50 fly in the relay and even though the 1st 30 yards went great, I noticed I was slowing considerably as I came into the wall. Ooops. Can't fake fly speed. We have one more race on Friday which includes 400 IM (relay) 100 IM (individual) and 400 free (relay). Got to get psyched for that!

I made a lot more progress in the garage this evening, Bill got me 8 more plastic totes and I think I've almost filled them all tonight. If we get time tomorrow I'll wrap up the lose ends and come close to finishing and it can't come soon enough. The triathlon season starts the first week of April and I will need time to get ready for event sales.

I need to pick an early season triathlon to race too. Yikes! I should probably ride my bike again sometime soon. Or not!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well tonight it's 10:30 p.m. and I'm headed for bed after spending the past 3 hours working on the garage. We are making progress but it continues to be painful. I think we're going to have to go spend another $50 on plastic totes and that will solve these final problems. Spending that much on empty plastic totes sucks, we're so used to being frugal... but I told Bill it was going to cost him to make this right with me (although I think he charged our Costco stuff on the business Am Ex that sneak).

I have to be to work at 7:30 am for a presentation tomorrow at 8am and then I have meetings all morning (2 hour diversity meeting) and then day 2 of our swim meet at noon. Help! Day 1 was really good, our team won almost every match-up and I swam fly well. Unfortunately we aren't getting timed since it's relays so I might do some time trials next week and see what times I'm doing right now.

Bill made fajitas for dinner tonight and they were excellent. YUM! This will sound corny but we got a George Foreman grill a few weeks ago and you really can make good food on those things. George knows what he's doing. I made a quicky guacamole: avocado, fresh lime juice and onion and Bill grilled steak and peppers marinated in lime juice, cumin, olive oil, and garlic (we didn't have cilantro or jalapeƱos) and put it on the old George Foreman grill and it's ready in 8 minutes. Aren't you excited? What the heck am I talking about? I'm babbling. Good night!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Freaking Fiasco

Bill and I have been trying to get the situation in the garage worked out and we're probably about 1/2 way through it now. Which is bad because we were supposed to be done on Sunday. I am encouraged that it will look good when we are done which was not what I thought about a week ago. We picked up some excellent shelving units from Costco and industrial rugs for a great price so that saved us a ton of money and time shopping. Now I'm going through all of the fabric I have built up the past 4 years and organizing it. I bought a label maker and new plastic totes so it sounds like I'm getting organized but right now I'm in over my head still. I think we'll get it done by this weekend.

We did get out Saturday for a wine walk in downtown Corvallis. Around 20 business stayed open late and hosted wine tastings of local wines and provided food and music. It was fun to get out on a nice evening and see people and feel some "culture" in our small town. A brewery opened up downtown recently so I'm even more excited about that! Wo ho!

People are starting to ask me about pregnancy stuff again so I will get it out there now: we're aren't trying again until after May so please don't put any mental energy toward it. Bill needs to get going with his job, I need time to decompress mentally still, and I would like to get in one triathlon this season. So not now friends. Hopefully later this year!

I'll post some pics of something (?) tomorrow. Blogging at 10 pm so that's enough out of me!

Friday, March 07, 2008

A Kitty Cat Que

A kitty cat que is a phenomenon that occurs in our house when kitty cats would like to be fed dinner. Our lovely ladies line up on the ledge near the kitchen sink and patiently wait while giving you the stink eye every time you walk by. These two kitties don't normally sit so close but when it's time to que, you've got to do what you've got to do. :)

SOOOOO I didn't die today. I thought after running last night in the woods for so long that swimming class would kill me but I paced myself well enough and I was able to survive. Monday is the start of the swim meet and coach has changed it from 200 of every stroke to 200 of every stroke as a relay. So I will end up only doing 50 at a time for various events. YES!!!!

This weekend will be the last stand in the garage. Bill has to make space for out there and we have had several heated discussions throughout the week about how much space I need. Don't get me started, I have taken it personally and there's no going back. I took a before picture which I will post after we are done and can compare results. We better get it done by Sunday or I will be even more worked up about it so watch out!

Other than that, I think we will get in a bike ride. Below are the doggy treats I sent to the dogs of Xantusia.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lost in the woods at night

Bill picked me up from work today and I pulled a wonder woman maneuver and changed into running clothes in the car on the way to the trail. I suggested we run up to Dimple Hill which has a great view of Corvallis. Bill drove to a different trail head than I was expecting and after a nice of warm up jogging through the forest (out of Chip Ross park for you locals) we were at Dan's trail, a nice switch back trail that heads straight up. I am no where near the shape it takes to run up Dan's trail but I was there and the only way to go was up so up I went. I encouraged Bill to drop me which he promptly did and I jog/walked up gasping for air like an asthmatic climbing Mt Everest.

I arrived at the top 8 minutes after Bill, so yes, I genuinely did suck and after a quick glimpse of the view, I said "let's head down" since we were already 40 minutes into the run. We decided to try a new route down and run down a fire road we've never been on and SURPRISE! We got lost! By then it was after 6pm and we were running downhill in the wrong direction. We ran into a friend who was mountain biking and Bill chatted him up but didn't ask for directions. AHEM. Fortunately he asked the next runner we saw and he gave us directions to take "Horse Trail" back which worked but we were out running for 1.5 hours + and we didn't get back to the car until it was pitch dark.

My wise husband drove straight to the nearest La Roca (best burritos in town) and took me home. I earned a blister on top of a blister for my efforts. I think Bill was a little cold when we got home, he turn the heat up to 85 and stood in front of it. One of us was wearing running tights and a jacket and the other one had on shorts and a lightweight running top. AHEM. I'm going to bed now and will try not to do anything stupid tomorrow but there will be no guarantees.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

To-Do List

I was up at Salem Mon-Tues at a class, "Making Projects Work" so I came home to this to-do list today:
1. Bike commute to work (even though it was 35 degrees this morning) in a small effort to shed pounds
2. Work 8 hours at paying job
3. Meet local woman at library to pick up doggy treats she makes from her home (a thank you gift to Dan and Monty and their dog pack)
4. Attend swim class
5. Order fabric to fill hat orders
6. Research label makers and XL plastic bag storage for garage/home office re-org I'm losing sleep over
7. Call husband 15 times to inquire about when he is going to orientation for his new job and become increasingly irritated when he doesn't have info.
8. Book airline tickets for women's triathlon camp in April
9. Correspond with various tribabe customers
10. Ship order to tribabe customer (a sunvisor that says "SMARTASS" on it)
11. Cuddle puppy and kitties and talk in high pitched voice to them
12. Eat
13. Continue discussion with husband about getting rid of old unused items in garage so I can move in out there (will be lowest part of my day)
14. Order of fleece pants and t-shirts arrived so sort, inventory, store and prepare one tee for embroidery tomorrow
15. Watch American Idol

I could use an assistant and a massage. And to lose 5 pounds.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Reason to Stay in Corvallis

Some photos from our weekend including Bill's party and dog walking with friends. We had a great weekend and I think it will be the beginning of a more relaxed period in our lives. Even though Bill is starting a new job, at least we know we are here and that we aren't leaving in the immediate future. It messes with your head to live in a constant state of "well if we have to move..." Yikes and yuck. I think I can finally start to make reasonable plans for a future. This hasn't been the case since I've been with Bill and we're going on 5 years together so that is a very long time to have your future up in the air.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Save the drama

Blog readers, I apologize for not keeping up with my blog recently. It has been a dramatic year for me so far and I've barely had time to process my feelings and keep my head straight. I think Bill will start traveling with his job occasionally and that will help give me some time to get it together. Work has been very busy for me and I started working out regularly again which means I am so tired at the end of the day I just don't have the energy to type.

I have some photos and stories from the weekend, but it's 8:40 on Sunday and I'm done! We had a party to celebrate Bill's new job and we had over 40 people come so we were a little overwhelmed with that on Saturday. Today we spent time with friends walking dogs in the morning and got out on our bikes in the afternoon. I'm happy to report that running is slowly coming back to me and I'm able to run for 30 minutes at a time now. It took about a month to get there but wow! I'm starting to come back to myself. I've been talking with friends about renting out a pool and putting on our own triathlon so I might be blogging about that sometime here in March.

Promises to keep the blog up and the drama down.