Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yeah for my sister!

I heard from my mom that my sister won an award for top stylist at her salon's annual awards and was also awarded most professional stylist. I am so proud of her, what a great accomplishment. There were 15 salons in her region so it's quite an honor for her to get the highest award and she's only been at it a few years. Yeah for my sister! She's had a hard road, she was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes at age 12, and had a much different childhood than I did. My parents watched her like a hawk and she had a lot less freedom as a teenager. It looks like she is going to surpass me in professional achievement, I am very VERY proud of her.

We had a great weekend here in Oregon, the weather was warm and sunny and Bill and I were outdoors all weekend riding bikes and skiing. I'll load some photos and write about it tomorrow, I need to go to bed now and try to recover.

And to follow up on Valentine's day, Bill threatened to go get a cheese pizza and put corn dogs on it but actually came through and made a pork tenderloin dish that had ginger and apple in it. Now that I know what he's capable of, I think I'll be requesting more elaborate meals in the future. :)