Sunday, February 10, 2008

What the heck!?!

So I was out of the office most of the week at a training session, get back to work and you know what hits the fan so I work Saturday and Sunday and FINALLY get home Sunday night around 6:30 and I really need to unwind so I take a bath and sit down to watch the Grammy awards. I am not up on modern music so I figure at least I can see what's popular right now in music. Instead there is a parade of old artists, Prince, Cindy Lauper, Tina Turner, Cher... WHAT THE HECK! Is it 1982 or what!?! Finally I get pissed off and turn off the TV and as I'm walking upstairs to bed I realize that the parade of oldies is probably for the 50 year anniversary of the Grammy's. They should have had the Stones sing I can't get no satisfaction since that what that entire show will be about.

Yes I am in a good mood this evening. I can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow in the morning.