Monday, February 11, 2008

How many PhDs does it take?

We finally have enough daylight and the weather is warm enough for me to bike commute to work again. That's 40 more minutes of exercise for me each day and a better way to start out my day. I won't ride in the dark in the winter unless I'm with Bill, it's too dangerous in the rain and dark with cars commuting during Corvallis rush hour but a lot of people around here do it anyway and seem to live through it.

On the topic of Corvallis, I heard on the radio that Forbes magazine rated it the 5th smartest city in America. So that's what is wrong with this place. Actually, it is quite a problem since my husband is trying to find a job here and the two master's degrees he has doesn't quite make him competitive enough for these jobs. I'm not kidding. It's nothing at all to have a PhD here and make no money. Apparently we love it for the lifestyle and people aren't leaving. I can tell you this much, I will not be quitting my job anytime soon. I got this job just before Sept 11, 2001. The tech sector in the NW hasn't recovered since the dot com bust and unless your willing to work tech support or luck into a position that exactly matches your skill set, it's tough to get a job around here. So I will stay where I'm at for now.

Luckily we're seeing temps in the 50s and even 60s today after a really crappy winter so it's like a heat wave in Oregon. Thank goodness, I was kind of in a bad mood recently if you haven't noticed.